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Arms is a great spec for Leveling, Dungeons and PVP, even though you’re Arms spec you can still be a Tank so make sure you keep a one hand weapon and a shield handy for Dungeons. However I will still recommend you use Protection Spec for Leveling, because Protection will still deal A LOT more damage than Arms during leveling. This is because Arms spec will rely very heavily on gear, while Protection spec rely on Talents and Abilities for damage.

Playing protection spec is extremely effective for leveling as Revenge will deal a large amount of damage when combined with Improved Revenge for double damage against two mobs, Protection spec will offer you more single target damage, more AOE damage, more Survivability and will also make you a better tank for Dungeons. The only reason I can think of for you to play Arms spec is just to try a different play style which is ok :).

Unfortunately Fury is a bad spec for early leveling because Raging Blow available at level 31 requires you to be in Berserker Stance and you need to switch stance frequently to Charge and to make things worse Intercept is not available until level 50, Stance Mastery is not available until level 58. So until level 58 you can’t really use your signature ability Raging Blow properly because you have to Charge switch stance and loose all your rage which is very inefficient.

Arms 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Prime Glyphs: Mortal Strike , Overpower , Bladestorm

Major Glyphs: Cleaving , Victory Rush , Sweeping Strikes

Warrior Arms Level 23
Warrior Arms Level 29
Warrior Arms Level 35
Warrior Arms Level 39
Warrior Arms Level 43
Warrior Arms Level 49
Warrior Arms Level 55
Warrior Arms Level 59
Warrior Arms Level 63
Warrior Arms Level 69
Warrior Arms Level 73
Warrior Arms Level 79
Warrior Arms Level 85

Protection 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Prime Glyphs: Shield Slam , Revenge , Devastate

Major Glyphs: Cleaving , Shockwave , Victory Rush

Warrior Protection Level 23
Warrior Protection Level 29
Warrior Protection Level 31
Warrior Protection Level 35
Warrior Protection Level 39
Warrior Protection Level 43
Warrior Protection Level 51
Warrior Protection Level 55
Warrior Protection Level 63
Warrior Protection Level 69
Warrior Protection Level 75
Warrior Protection Level 79
Warrior Protection Level 85

Warrior PVE / PVP Level 85 Talent Guide
PVE Protection Tanking
PVP Arms
PVP Fury
PVP Protection

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  1. Ariel  7 years ago

    Sry but u dont have a guide 1-80 (Wotlk)? That will be great. Thanks


  2. Braddbot  8 years ago

    he didnt say fury doesnt work, he said it would be easier to do the other 2. anything works, hes just saying because of the tree layout and the lvl u get abilities, fury would be the least effective of the 3


  3. Treklore  8 years ago

    I don’t want to be a tank so is protection still ok for me?


  4. Frederick Blundell  8 years ago

    Hi Dugi! I am very happy to have taken your advice. I leveled my Wargen to 20 in just a few days using Protection and it was as easy as breathing. I may have done well with fury as suggested by venndann, I just never tried it. Im sure venndann had good success or he/she wouldn’t have said so. Of course I also follow your levelling guide. Maybe that has something to do with it. When you have to make difficult choices, its always a crap shoot, unless you can get advice from someone who has experience and has tried it already. Thanks to you and your staff for the many hours of programming and testing and re-programming to bring everything to reality. I dont know what I would do without you. Papabear.


  5. Marc Parsons  8 years ago

    How about 80-85 leveling? My Warrior is an alt that I like to play just by himself so I never tank for group and I am not good at playing warrior. I just want to level and enjoy playing him.


  6. venndann  8 years ago

    Sorry, you lost me. I just leveled Fury from 13 to 70, had a blast, didn’t have to fiddle with changing stances, and was consistently at top of damage charts in dungeons for my level. Stayed in battle stance with Charge nearly exclusively. Fury works great for leveling.


    Dugi Reply:

    As for the reason stated above it is clearly inferior to any other spec prior level 58 you could have leveled much faster using other specs.


  7. lèroy  8 years ago

    works totaly fine i say 😀


  8. mikkel  8 years ago

    but why, not fury ? 🙁


  9. james  8 years ago

    this is a great idea. When do you think you might have builds for the other class toons?