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Demonology 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Demonology is the easiest spec to use for leveling because it offers the highest survivability with the use of your Felguard as tank and damage. Highly recommended for Warlock beginners

Prime Glyphs: Felguard , Incinerate , Corruption

Major Glyphs: Shadowflame , Soul Link , Death Coil

Warlock Demonology Level 21
Warlock Demonology Level 29
Warlock Demonology Level 39
Warlock Demonology Level 49
Warlock Demonology Level 59
Warlock Demonology Level 63
Warlock Demonology Level 69
Warlock Demonology Level 79
Warlock Demonology Level 85

Destruction 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Destruction have a very high burst which is great for grinding, but the talent tree is a little awkward to use for leveling and more fragile than Demonology spec, you will be using an Imp pet most of the time. At tier 2 becareful to not take Emberstorm or Improved Soul Fire too early because you won’t get Soul Fire until level 54 and Incinerate until level 64 .

Prime Glyphs: Conflagrate , Imp , Incinerate

Major Glyphs: Shadowflame , Death Coil , Healthstone

Warlock Destruction Level 29
Warlock Destruction Level 35
Warlock Destruction Level 43
Warlock Destruction Level 45
Warlock Destruction Level 51
Warlock Destruction Level 53
Warlock Destruction Level 61
Warlock Destruction Level 73
Warlock Destruction Level 79
Warlock Destruction Level 85

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  1. nic  7 years ago

    u need to update ur destruction tree u get soul burn at a way lowere lvl than 54


  2. fdgiggy  7 years ago

    Just starting a Dwarf Warlock and would appreciate your comments on the Affliction talent also.


  3. DugisGuide  8 years ago

    Sorry about that, I have fixed it. Don’t get Molten Core talent too early because you don’t have Incenerate until level 64 to benefit from it.