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Elemental 1 – 80 Leveling Talent Guide

Elemental is a range Caster spec with high burst and high survivability making this the most ideal leveling spec for Shamans. This spec will allow you to solo quest very efficiently and also play as a healer for Dungeon runs because you will collect caster gear but you will need to be a bit more mana conservative as this is not a healing spec. Elemental spec also offer he best AOE talents for multiple NPC grinding.

Main Stats DPS: Spell Power, Critical Strike, Intellect

Main Stats Healing: Spell Power, Intellect, Spirit

Prime Glyphs: Flame Shock , Lava Burst , Shocking

Major Glyphs: Lightning Shield , Thunder , Stoneclaw Totem

Shaman Elemental Level 21
Shaman Elemental Level 29
Shaman Elemental Level 41
Shaman Elemental Level 49
Shaman Elemental Level 53
Shaman Elemental Level 69
Shaman Elemental Level 79
Shaman Elemental Level 85

Enchancement 1 – 80 Leveling Talent Guide

Enhancement spec is an awesome solo leveling spec with high mobility thanks to Ancestral Swiftness offering High Single target DPS but you won’t be able to play as a healer and will suffer longer queue times for Dungeons. AOE grinding is riskier than Elemental Shaman as you take considerably more damage because you loose your Shield for Dual Wielding.

Main Stats DPS : Agility, Critical Strike, Attack Power

Prime Glyphs: Stormstrike , Shocking , Lava Lash

Major Glyphs: Ghost Wolf , Stoneclaw Totem , Lightning Shield

Shaman Enhancement Level 29
Shaman Enhancement Level 41
Shaman Enhancement Level 49
Shaman Enhancement Level 53
Shaman Enhancement Level 61
Shaman Enhancement Level 69
Shaman Enhancement Level 79
Shaman Enhancement Level 85

Restoration Talent Guide

Restoration spec is a very poor spec for solo questing, but great for end game Raiding and Dungeons.

Main Stats Healing: Spell Power, Intellect, Spirit

Prime Glyphs: Riptide , Earthliving Weapon , Earth Shield

Major Glyphs: Healing Stream Totem , Healing Wave , Chain Heal

Shaman Level 85 PVE / PVP Talent Guide
PVE Enhancement DPS
PVP Elemental
PVE Restoration Healing
PVE Elemental DPS
PVP Enhancement

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    are the talent guide pages going to be updated?


    Dugi Reply:

    @GREG DOHERTY, No they won’t.


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    Great guide helped my shaman


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    The Elemental talent guide is actually pretty efficient. Love it! <3


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    Excellent Shaman Guide


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    Wow, that’s amazing….. i love this, this is so cool. I appreciate your work 🙂


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    for some reason when i click on the shaman talent it go up and off the screen so i cant see the low lvl ones ….Is there a reason for these help please


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  8. Jazane  8 years ago

    I would say that if your going to do PvE DPS, go with Elemental, you’ll definetly pull more DPS. But if your going to PvP, your choice should be Enhancement (don’t follow the enhancement spec here, though. You definetly will want Frozen Power for PvP for one, and Toughness, and Earthen… whatever that Earth Elemental thing is…), enhancement will keep you alive through any arena thanks to Maelstrom weapons being able to cause your heals to cost no mana and no cast time, and your DPS is actually pretty high even if you are stacking STR and Resil. Personally on my enhance shammy the only person who gives me any issues are locks that fear spam, and then only if they are well geared.


    Mata Reply:

    Guys,can u help me? What totems to use..for ench,ele and resto shaman? 🙂