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Rogue Talent Guide
Combat 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide
Rogue Combat Level 23
Rogue Combat Level 29
Rogue Combat Level 35
Rogue Combat Level 43
Rogue Combat Level 49
Rogue Combat Level 53
Rogue Combat Level 61
Rogue Combat Level 69
Rogue Combat Level 79
Rogue Combat Level 85

Combat offers high damage and high survivability with Lightning Reflexes and Reinforced Leather. This allow Combat spec to rely less on stealth and openers.

Prime Glyphs: Sinister Strike , Eviscerate , Revealing Strike

Major Glyphs: Blade Flurry , Cloak of Shadows , Sprint

Subtlety 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide
Rogue Subtlety Level 21
Rogue Subtlety Level 29
Rogue Subtlety Level 39
Rogue Subtlety Level 49
Rogue Subtlety Level 53
Rogue Subtlety Level 69
Rogue Subtlety Level 79
Rogue Subtlety Level 85

Subtlety is your best choice for Leveling because Shadowstep and Nightstalker will provide you with very high mobility early on. Subtlety also offer the very high burst damage from stealth for quick kills however it is lacking the sustained damage that Assassination and Combat offer but that doesn’t really matter with leveling as regular NPC farming will die quickly.

Prime Glyphs: Hemorrhage , Rupture , Eviscerate

Major Glyphs: Sprint , Ambush , Preparation

Rouge Level 85 PVE / PVP Talent Guide
PVE Combat DPS
PVE Assassination DPS
PVP Subtlety
PVP Assassination
PVP Combat

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  1. Caleannia  6 years ago

    Hey Dugi,

    This was great at the time — when will you update for MoP?


    Dugi Reply:

    we won’t be updating the talent guides.


  2. Bilz  7 years ago

    Ty this helped me with my pvp s lot.


  3. itas  8 years ago

    A good rotation on normal mobs i have found for Subtelity rogues when they have shadow dance cd is to begin with premeditation. then use shadowstep and ambush/garotte. then use cheap shot and move behind target spamming with backstab.
    even on 85 mobs i often get into combat without loosing health.


    itas Reply:

    ops. didnt mean cheap shot. meant kdiney shot sry


  4. D G  8 years ago

    My main is rogue, for 5 years or so and i have lvld more rogues just for fun. I would recommend to go combat for leveling. blade flury is on a 30sec cool down and make’s muliple-mobs easypeasy. Later on u get adrenaline rush which will transform you in a machinegun for 20 sec. l vld a rogue to lvl 54 the past few months and i found out that in instances combat does the most damage. Assassination is what i like to play best, but that is the number one build when you are 85 and like to play in raids. Recuperate talent tier 1 is the one i would choose when i am round lvl 30-35. The xtra healing and 6% damage reduce is great.


  5. George Stout  8 years ago

    Ty for the PVE “Leveling Guide” and the breakdown at different levels. I love PVE…but was born to kill Horde (No offense Dugi). I would really like to see PVP guides as well.

    Watch Your Back


  6. kucukti  8 years ago

    Sorry for my noob question but do we use daggers like slow mh and fast offhand or do we use swords for the above subtlety build


    Dugi Reply:

    Slow MH is the only important thing, you can use any weapon with Subtlety, Ambush and Hemorrhage with daggers will receive higher bonus damage but non-daggers are slower and scale better than daggers. However you won’t be able to Backstab without daggers.


  7. Birgir Gudjonsson  8 years ago

    I would really like to see some glyph guids with each talent tree so that us players can really have the edge !

    Thanks for a great guide !


  8. DugisGuide  8 years ago

    Subtlety is the best (also most fun) spec for leveling, incase you’re wondering. Assassination is not ideal for first time players because you need to rely on upgrading your pair of Daggers all the time.


    Jaton(Rogue:Subltey) Reply:

    Subltey is the best Talent I did my talents differently for more PvP wise then questing and i have like almost dead when i ambush them and i love it 🙂