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Discipline 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide
Priest Discipline Level 23
Priest Discipline Level 29
Priest Discipline Level 41
Priest Discipline Level 51
Priest Discipline Level 61
Priest Discipline Level 69
Priest Discipline Level 79
Priest Discipline Level 85

Discipline is a good spec for leveling for a balanced mixture of Healing and Damage. This is the best overall spec for leveling as you won’t have any problem healing in Dungeons and you can easily dump all your mana in for killing NPC while solo questing.

Prime Glyphs: Penance , Shadow Word: Pain , Power Word: Shield

Major Glyphs: Smite , Holy Nova , Spirit Tap

Shadow 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide
Priest Shadow Level 21
Priest Shadow Level 29
Priest Shadow Level 39
Priest Shadow Level 49
Priest Shadow Level 55
Priest Shadow Level 69
Priest Shadow Level 79
Priest Shadow Level 85

Shadow provides the highest DPS out of the three spec available, but it doesn’t provide any healing talents at all. You can still heal in dungeons with this spec but you will have to be very conservative with your mana.

Prime Glyphs: Dispersion , Shadow Word: Pain , Mind Flay

Major Glyphs: Spirit Tap , Inner Fire , Psychic Horror

Holy PVE Talent Guide

Holy is the best healing spec and it is recommended for end game raiding and dungeons only. There’s not much talent that will increase your damage and would make a terrible solo leveling

Prime Glyphs: Guardian Spirit , Renew , Flash Heal

Major Glyphs: Holy Nova , Spirit of Redemption , Fade

Priest PVE / PVP Level 85 Talent Guide
PVE Discipline
PVP Discipline
PVE Holy Healing
PVP Shadow
PVE Shadow

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  1. Mario  7 years ago

    Experimenting on leveling solely with your PVE Holy Healing talent specs right now. Not bad! I must admit though that I complete every single quest in dungeons. I am now lvl 40. I wonder when it starts really getting difficult. Thank so much for the leveling guides. It makes WoW so much fun!


  2. Mike  8 years ago

    Holy Priest is old, missing many talents.


  3. Craig Raypold  8 years ago

    Priest Holy is old, so very very old. and talented is not updated in DG


    Jess B Reply:

    A few weeks old is very very old? Talented is updated in DG.


  4. Tomasz Kluza  8 years ago

    Is it updated for Cataclysm 1-80 or ?


  5. Craig  8 years ago

    Holy talent guide is linked to a resto shammy build on wowhead :-p.


    Dugi Reply:

    sorry about that, all fixed.