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Paladin Talent Guide
Holy 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Holy Spec is good spec for leveling if as you can still do both solo questing and play as a dedicated healer in Dungeon runs for better gear . With Holy Shock and the talents to complement it you will still be able to kill NPC and do solo quests grinding on your own without any problem. Holy is still good for single target damage but not so great against multiple targets,.

Main Stats: Spell Power, Intellect, Spirit

Pros over other spec(s)

Healing Spec: As a dedicated Healing Spec you avoid long queue times while waiting to enter a Dungeon and be an excellent healer for the toughest encounters.

High Survivability: Your increased healing and mana efficiency will increase your survivability

Great for Battleground PVP: If you like to do Battlegrounds as you level up, this is an ideal spec to use as healers are very rare and can easily turn the tide of the battle by healing your allies.

Prime Glyphs: Holy Shock , Exorcism , Judgement

Major Glyphs: Consecration , Divine Plea , Hammer of Wrath

Paladin Holy Level 29
Paladin Holy Level 39
Paladin Holy Level 49
Paladin Holy Level 61
Paladin Holy Level 69
Paladin Holy Level 79
Paladin Holy Level 85

Protection 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Protection Spec is our #1 choice for Solo & Dungeon leveling. It provides the highest Survivability and also be able to hold and go against greater number of NPC over any other spec.

Main Stats Solo: Strength, Attack Power, Critical Strike, Agility
Main Stats Tanking : Stamina, Defense, Dodge, Parry, Strength

Pros over other spec(s)

Tanking Spec: You will be able to tank in dungeons to avoid long queue times for better gear and faster leveling.

High Survivability: Protection spec will make you a great tank and take the least amount of damage over any other specs

Low Downtime: With unlimited mana through talents like Judgement of the Wise and taking less damage you won’t have much downtime at all.

High Multiple Target DPS: Killing multiple NPC at the same time as protection spec is easy with by using a Shield for damage reduction Hammer of the Righteous and Hallowed Ground recommended for fast monster grinding.

Prime Glyphs: Hammer of the Righteous , Judgement , Shield of the Righteous

Major Glyphs: Consecration , Hammer of Wrath , Dazing Shield

Paladin Protection Level 21
Paladin Protection Level 29
Paladin Protection Level 39
Palading Protection Level 49
Paladin Protection Level 61
Paladin Protection Level 69
Paladin Protection Level 79
Paladin Protection Level 85

Retribution 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Retribution Spec offers the highest DPS on single target but also the lowest survivability vs other specs.

Main Stats DPS : Strength, Attack Power, Critical Strike, Agility

Pros over other spec(s)

High DPS: Retribution can offer the highest DPS for easy kills however the lower survivability can prevent you from killing multiple NPC at the same time.

Great for Solo/Battleground PVP: Also an ideal spec for any solo PVP encounters and also great for Battleground.

Prime Glyphs: Crusader Strike , Judgement , Seal of Truth

Major Glyphs: Consecration , Ascetic Crusader , Hammer of Wrath

Paladin Retribution Level 21
Paladin Retribution Level 29
Paladin Retribution Level 39
Paladin Retribution Level 49
Paladin Retribution Level 53
Paladin Retribution Level 69
Paladin Retribution Level 79
Paladin Retribution Level 85

Paladin Level 85 PVE / PVP Talent Guide

PVE Holy Healing
PVE Protection Tanking
PVE Retribution DPS
PVP Retribution

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  1. william1999  7 years ago

    Bought the guide today before i went on holiday cant wait until i get back to try this Guide Thanks Dugi 😀


  2. griezz  8 years ago

    Just a thought… might want to indicate what Seals & Blessings are best for each spec. Similar for stances in Fighters


  3. Uriel cervantes  8 years ago

    is it better too be in a BG with a ret paladin or prot???


  4. jimmy beckner  8 years ago

    my wife and I switched to prot but only want to dps in dungens. A tank asked my wife why she was dpsing as a tank. Should we switch back to ret to be better in dungens? And are we interfering with the tank in the group.


    Dugi Reply:

    If you only like to DPS in dungeons you should switch to Retribution spec but if you want stay as prot you won’t interfere with the main tank if as long you don’t use Righteous Fury, don’t taunt the NPC from the tanks either. Once the tank has agro


  5. Odile  8 years ago

    This worked for all classes except Paladin. Its the only one that goes up and not down. I am still out of luck

    My husband had great luck with his rogue


  6. Odile  8 years ago

    My husband a rogue with a PC and I with a paladin on a MAC tried the lowest settings, windowed, non-wide screen in various combinations all to no avail.


    Dugi Reply:

    You have to follow my instructions, you must change your UI SCALE setting found in your Game Menu > Video > Advanced settings

    look at this post for screenshot

    You don’t have to play around with your screen resolution, it should work with any resolution.


  7. Odile  8 years ago

    Changing the screen doesn’t help, Still can only see the RET options in the template


    Dugi Reply:

    it should definately work, set your UI to the lowest possible setting.


  8. Odile  8 years ago

    Thanks I’ll try that


  9. Dugi  8 years ago

    a temporary solution is to lower your UI scale in your Game Menu > Video > Advanced settings.


  10. Odile  8 years ago

    The template on the talented panel is what I couldn’t access


  11. Odile  8 years ago

    I just paid to dual talent specialize and when I try to see the Protection Tree options, I can’t scroll up far enough. Seems to be a glich. Also I can’t move the window


    Dugi Reply:

    Do you mean when using the Talented addon? or just using the default Talent panel?


  12. Josh  8 years ago

    when the new patch came up i set my pally as holy…… one of my fellow guild members think that i should stick with dps since i holy…… should i? it the only thing i good at…… although i am a fairly good healer


  13. Dwkettle  8 years ago

    i wanted to be a retibution non pvp dps player what is the best build for that this is my first guy in wow
    also i would like to beable to kill lage groups for farming im a grand master leather worker. did i chose the right guy for good dps and mass kill such as farming.


    DugisGuide Reply:

    every class should be good for mass kill its just a matter of choosing the talent spec, if you really want to kill mass groups for farming I would recommend using the Prot spec.


  14. Joe  8 years ago

    Im a protection belf and this sounds pretty cool