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Beast Mastery 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Beast Mastery spec will greatly increase your pet damage and survivability making them a better tank for you and also be able a lot of the damage for you. This is our recommended spec for beginners, as you will have a higher survival rate from the protection of your pet. However total damage output is a bit lower over other spec and your kill rate will be slower which could lead to slightly slower leveling.

Pros over other spec(s)

High Survivability: Your pet will make a great tank for you and their added damage will help the pet ability to hold agro.

Great PVP Spec: This is also a great spec of PVP for beginners with Bestial Wrath at level 49 and The Beast Within at level 59 which could come in handy when you need to PVP as you level up.

Prime Glyphs: Arcane Shot , Kill Command , Steady Shot

Major Glyphs: Bestial Wrath , Mending , Raptor Strike

Hunter Beast Mastery Level 23
Hunter Beast Mastery Level 29
Hunter Beast Mastery Level 31
Hunter Beast Mastery Level 43
Hunter Beast Mastery Level 49
Hunter Beast Mastery Level 55
Hunter Beast Mastery Level 59
Hunter Beast Mastery Level 69
Hunter Beast Mastery Level 79
Hunter Beast Mastery Level 85
Marksmanship 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Marksmanship is the fastest leveling spec for advanced players, your Hunter will do very high damage in short burst which is ideal for grinding monsters, 2 key talents that will help the most in the Marksmanship tree are Rapid Killing at level 10 and Rapid Recuperation at level 51.

Pros over other spec(s)

Highest DPS Spec For Leveling: The burst damage that Marksmanship can provide will set you on a killing spree with very little downtime.

Low Downtime : Rapid Killing at level 10 and Rapid Recuperation at level 51 and Chimera Shot healing ability at level 69 is extremely useful to reduce your downtime while you grind through Outland and Northrend content.

Prime Glyphs: Steady Shot , Chimera Shot , Rapid Fire

Major Glyphs: Concussive Shot , Disengage , Misdirection

Hunter Marksmanship Level 21
Hunter Marksmanship Level 29
Hunter Marksmanship Level 39
Hunter Marksmanship Level 45
Hunter Marksmanship Level 51
Hunter Marksmanship Level 61
Hunter Marksmanship Level 69
Hunter Marksmanship Level 79
Hunter Marksmanship Level 85

Hunter Level 85 PVE / PVP Talent

The Hunter Suvival spec is a talent tree that focus a lot of damage over time (DOT) which makes it inefficient for leveling as your damage is too spread out over a set amount of time. The talent tree is also awkward to use for early leveling for example you can get Entrapment or Point of No Escape at level 17 but you won’t be able to get Ice Trap or Snake Trap until level 46 or 48 which makes the talent useless for over 25 levels.. very inefficient for leveling.

It will be a great spec for end game Raiding and PVP but I would recommend you stay away from it for leveling.

PVE Marksmanship DPS
PVE Survival DPS
PVP Beast Mastery
PVE Beast Mastery DPS
PVP Marksmanship
PVP Survival

Hunter Pet Cunning

DPS Cunning Beast Mastery
PVP Cunning
DPS Cunning
PVP Cunning Beast Mastery
Tanking Cunning Beast Mastery
Tanking Cunning

Hunter Pet Tenacity

DPS Tenacity
PVP Tenacity
DPS Tenacity Beast Mastery
PVP Tenacity Beast Mastery
Tanking Tenacity Beast Mastery
Tanking Tenacity

Hunter Pet Ferocity

DPS Ferocity
DPS Ferocity Beast Mastery
PVP Beast Mastery
PVP Ferocity
Tanking Ferocity
Tanking Ferocity Beast Mastery

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  1. deanna  7 years ago

    Do you have a guid that shows the prim rotation for a lvl 85 marks hunter?


  2. Cybeastleone  8 years ago

    what is the best talent tree dugi ??


  3. Roedie  8 years ago

    You have to look in templates under the templates of the hunter
    Ferocity, tenacity and cunning.
    It’s not so clear .. because they didnt name it pet talents..


  4. CinderZella  8 years ago

    Please advise re: Pet Talents referenced in Dugi’s reply to ‘liz’ on Feb 11. 2011.

    I am a new subscriber/purchaser/user, my purchase included the Talent portion. I can see ‘Talented’ for my self
    problem is Can’t See PET Talent recommendations.
    on Hunter with a pet present in game.

    Please advise on how to see PET Talent recomments, many thanks –


    Dugi Reply:

    it should definitely be there, make sure you update your guides.

    if you’re still having problem, please contact ticket support


  5. liz  8 years ago

    are u planning on updating this thru 85? I havent had chance to check all goodies out yet, but if u dont have talent trees for the pets, are u planning on adding them?



    Dugi Reply:

    we have the in-game talent guide updated with talented to level 85 and for pets aswell


    liz Reply:

    kool, where. im not finding anything like that. Also, food for thought, love the quest guide, is there a possibility of showing quest rewards for the specific quests? *wink wink*

    k back to looking, ive had this quide b4 cat, so like do i need to do an update, im sure i do, if so where shall i go to get that? sorry to b such a pain. Lovn the guide. Decided to give it a whorl, n i like it loads more than … hummmm… *g* the other guys *z*

    thanks in advance, have a good one


  6. Roedie  8 years ago

    Why dont you give glyphs for survival?
    Its good in pvp
    Perhaps beastmastery isnt that good because they always attack you first?
    So please tell me.


  7. Frederick Blundell. (Papabear)  8 years ago

    Greetings Dugi. I found the “main Stats” feature on the DRUID page to be very helpful, but it does not appear here or on the Deathnight page. Although I haven’t checked, it may not be included on other pages as well. Just a thought. Thanks for your time and generosity.


  8. Sueky  8 years ago

    hello, what is PvP spec for hunter?


  9. DugisGuide  8 years ago

    the Glyphs have been added


    Aprilstar Reply:

    Thank you so much Dugi 🙂


  10. jambo  8 years ago

    chewie there s a arrow at the bottom of the spec just press to the right and talent get s high r


  11. jambo  8 years ago

    sorry dugi but can you plz show pet talent aswell and how about a rotation pal


  12. Hugo  8 years ago

    Also if possible the Pet talent builds


  13. Hugo  8 years ago

    Could someone please post what are the best Glyphs that go with the Talents Build above? Thanks


  14. Maugrim  8 years ago

    Chewie, with respect, if you would have used the “arrows” placed on either side of the talents, you would see the progression from LVLs 13 to 79. Thus lvling guides, hope this helps


  15. Chewie  8 years ago

    Um how is this going to help me? For Beast Mastery you put 3 points in one talent and then that was it. Maybe you could fill out the tree with the proper talents to help me level up then it will be helpful.


  16. Aprilstar  8 years ago

    I can’t wait till to see how these talents will get tweaked in the future, as players get better at playing with the new system.
    Thanks a bunch DUGI for yet another Oooberness Guide .^_^.