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Druid Talent Guide
Balance 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Balance spec is available for players wanting a different style of leveling that will offer you a range caster play style and also the ability to heal in dungeons as well as Balance spec because you will be collecting caster gear, however you will have to watch your mana and be very conservative while healing.

Main Stats DPS: Spell Power, Critical Strike, Intellect
Main Stats Healing: Spell Power, Intellect, Spirit

Prime Glyphs: Insect Swarm , Wrath , Starsurge

Major Glyphs: Focus , Starfall , Hurricane

Druid Balance Level 19
Druid Balance Level 21
Druid Balance Level 29
Druid Balance Level 39
Druid Balance Level 49
Druid Balance Level 53
Druid Balance Level 63
Druid Balance Level 69
Druid Balance Level 79
Druid Balance Level 85

Feral 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Feral spec is a melee class play style and our recommended leveling spec over any other Spec.

Main Stats DPS : Agility, Critical Strike, Attack Power
Main Stats Tanking : Stamina, Dodge, Defense, Agility

Druid Feral Level 23
Druid Feral Level 39
Druid Feral Level 49
Druid Feral Level 55
Druid Feral Level 65
Druid Feral Level 69
Druid Feral Level 79
Druid Feral Level 85

Pros over other spec(s)

Tanking: : You will be able to tank in dungeons to avoid long queue times for better gear and faster leveling.

Improved Stealth: With stealth you can sneak pass and avoid NPC instead of killing them to complete your quests faster.

Faster Run Speed : With and 30% run speed increase from Feral Swiftness means less travel time and increase you leveling speed.

Easy To Play: Feral spec is also the easiest spec for any new players to pick up and play.

Prime Glyphs: Mangle , Savage Roar , Rip

Major Glyphs: Feral Charge , Ferocious Bite , Maul

Restoration PVE Talent Guide

This is a PVE only Full Restoration spec recommended for End Game Healing in Dungeons and Raids

Main Stats Healing : Spell Power, Spirit, Intellect

Prime Glyphs: Rejuvenation , Swiftmend , Lifebloom

Major Glyphs: Wild Growth , Rebirth , Innervate

PVE Restoration Healing
PVE Balance
PVP Feral
PVE Feral Tanking

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  1. Bone  8 years ago


    Not sure if it wise to level up as a restoration tree… but, what do i know. 😉



  2. Jerry  8 years ago

    what happen to the restoration tree


  3. DugisGuide  8 years ago

    The balance tree is now fixed to match the live 4.0.1, refresh your browser a few times if you still see the old talent tree.


  4. Gunther Williams  8 years ago

    Can we still dual spec with the new changes?


    DugisGuide Reply:

    yes dual spec is still in the game.


  5. chonnjr  8 years ago

    I’ve used your guides for sometime now and try to get everything new that comes out to stay on top of things as much as possible. From time of 4.0.1 going live to Cataclysm release, blizzard is going to make all kinds of tweaks here and there. Anyhow, I’m sure you are aware that some of your talent guide’s are already out dated from updates but all is good. I look forward to new and updated items as they come. Great work!!!


  6. kim  8 years ago

    nise can you meck 1 on shamen to and priste for dps and heling
    and godt job


  7. Exaken  8 years ago

    Is this up to date? I don’t have a fourth talent in Balance tier 2, the entangliing roots talent. I’m using the latest patch, 4.0.1.


    Bone Reply:

    Confirmed! Dugi, I think Blizz changed the talents at the last minute and there is only 3 slots in the Balance tier 2; that is, Genesis, Moonglow, and Balance of Power.

    In anycase, i was really close to your template… 🙂 Just need to make one small tweak.

    As always, thank you for all of your work! I’ve been a fan since day 1



    DugisGuide Reply:

    Yes looks like Blizzard changed the icons at the last minute, these were made 1 day before patch 4.0.1 so I though we were safe. I will update it asap.