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Death Knight Talent Guide
Blood 1-85 Leveling Talent Guide

Blood spec is our #1 choice for leveling because it is also a great tanking spec for Dungeons and it is easiest spec to use for beginners because of its high survivability.

Prime Glyphs: Death Strike , Heart Strike , Rune Strike

Major Glyphs: Bone Shield , Death Grip , Rune Tap

Death Knight Blood Level 57
Death Knight Blood Level 63
Death Knight Blood Level 69
Death Knight Blood Level 73
Death Knight Blood Level 79
Death Knight Blood Level 85
Frost 1 – 85 Leveling Talent Guide

Frost spec is offers the highest potential DPS for PVE and leveling. Also great for leveling with On a Pale Horse talent.

Prime Glyphs: Frost Strike , Icy Touch , Howling Blast

Major Glyphs: Death Grip , Hungering Cold , Pillar of Frost

Death Knight Frost DW Level 57
Death Knight Frost DW Level 63
Death Knight Frost DW Level 69
Death Knight Frost DW Level 73
Death Knight Frost DW Level 79
Death Knight Frost DW Level 85
Unholy 1 – 86 Leveling Talent Guide

Unholy spec offers a permament Ghoul pet, and also the most ideal spec for PVP however this build is designed more towards leveling.

Prime Glyphs: Scourge Strike , Raise Dead , Death Coil

Major Glyphs: Death Grip , Pestilence , Chains of Ice

Death Knight Unholy Level 57
Death Knight Unholy Level 71
Death Knight Unholy Level 79
Death Knight Unholy Level 85
Level 85 PVE / PVP Talent Guide
PVP Frost With 2 Handed Weapon
PVE Blood Tanking
PVP Unholy
PVE Frost Dual Wield DPS