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Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac (Ore, Gem, & Stone Farming)

Hello again.

This is becoming a habit. Here is another page of the Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac. This guide is for mining farmers and prospectors. I made a note for you re-salers out there, too. Mining is the core of the most lucrative AH business in Azeroth, so I hit it from all angles just for you.

Heh. I sure hope Dugi don’t mind me spamming up his Blog board!


Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac

Ore, Gem, & Stone Farming

-Copper Ore & Rough Stone
First, this should not be hard to find. Everyone will have a different route for you to follow and here’s mine. While Dun Morogh has been more ideal with it’s many peaks and nodes, I prefer the human lands. The route is quick and will take you into a popular cave with many nodes. Respawn rate for these nodes are 2 to 4 minutes (depending if you are inside or out) and a mailbox is along the way for easy drop off. On the horde side, you have Dugi’s original routes which still holds true.

[Copper Ore Average Price: 10 GP Per 20 Stack]

[Rough Stone Average Price: .8 GP Per 20 Stack]

Copper Ore is broken down into

  • Malachite (50%) [Average Price: .6 GP Each]
  • Tigerseye (50%) [Average Price: .5 GP Each]
  • Shadowgem (10%) [Average Price: 3.7 GP Each] (<—HOT!)

-Tin Ore, Silver Ore, & Course Stone
Take a trip through 1000 Needles and stick to the walls. Yes, you will deviate every once and a while, but try to stay to the walls. For the Horde, there’s a town right smack in the middle of the route. For low level Alliance, stay away from that town — the guards are hungry. Marked on the map is a flight point that you can use to unload if you are full.

Tip: Sell the silver ore in stacks of 7 for maximum efficiently.

[Tin Ore Average Price: 24 GP Per 20 Stack]

[Silver Ore Average Price: 138 GP Per 20 Stack] (<——HOT!)

[Course Stone Average Price: 18 GP Per 20 Stack]

Tin Ore is broken down into:

  • Lesser Moonstone (39%) [Average Price: 4.2 GP Each]
  • Moss Agate (38%) [Average Price: 4.3 GP Each]
  • Shadowgem(38%)
  • Aquamarine (3%) [Average Price: 4 GP Each]
  • Citrine (3%) [Average Price: 13.8 GP Each]
  • Jade(3%) [Average Price: 6.3 GP Each]

-Incendicite Ore
This is ore that is need for Ally players only. If you are a horde, you can either destroy it or Black Market to yourself to sell on the other side. You’ll need to head to the caves shown in the map below. This area is also a great place for Silver and Tin due to quick respawns.

TIP: This cave only has so many nodes of Silver and Tin in it. Work your way to the back of the cave and log out. Farm with a different toon in the 1000 Needles for 1 route. Log back into your first toon. Work your way back out, and then repeat.

[Average Price: 1.9 GP Per Unit]

-Gold Ore, Iron Ore, and Heavy Stone
There are a few places that are more accurate than Dugi’s original route, but Dugi’s is the best. Just keep in mind of Hammerfall if you are Ally; go South around Hammerfall instead of North. Don’t forget to check the caves.

[Gold Ore Average Price: 66 GP Per 20 Stack]

[Iron Ore Average Price: 26 GP Per 20 Stack]

[Heavy Stone Average Price: 17 GP Per 20 Stack]

Iron Ore is broken down into:

  • Jade (36%)
  • Citrine (35%)
  • Lesser Moonstone (35%)
  • Aquamarine (5%)
  • Star Ruby (5%) [Average Price: 5.1 GP Each]

-Truesilver Ore, Mithril Ore, and Solid Stone
For the simple routes, go to the Blasted Lands or the Searing Gorge and hug the walls, but take a trip into the Slag Pits once and a while, too. Dugi’s route is easy to do to (show below), but keep in mind anything north of the river; If you can’t hack through random mobs of level 60 elites (and a dragon), keep clear. If you are on the other continent, break out your swimming gear and farm the underwater ruins in Desolace’s Ranzajar Isle.

[Truesilver Ore Average Price: 81 GP Per 20 Stack]

[Mithril Ore Average Price: 42 GP Per 20 Stack]

Mithril Ore can be broken down into:

  • Aquamarine (35%)
  • Citrine (35%)
  • Star Ruby (35%)
  • Large Opal (3%) [Average Price: 7 GP Each]
  • Azerothian Diamond (2%) [Average Price: 8.5 GP Each]
  • Blue Sapphire (2%) [Average Price: 2.6 GP Each]
  • Huge Emerald (2%) [Average Price: 9.6 GP Each]

-Thorium Ore and Dense Stone
Go to the Un’goro Crater and hug the walls. Dive into the Slithering Scar for the Rich veins and do a quick circuit around the Fire Plume Ridge. If this area is too populated with farmers, then head next door to Silithus and raid the hives; don’t do laps there because it will just waste your time. Yes, the bugs are skinnable.

[Thorium Ore Average Price: 18 GP Per 20 Stack]

[Dense Stone Average Price: 10 GP Per 20 Stack]

Thorium Ore can be broken down into:

  • Azerothian Diamond (28%) [Average Price: 8.5 GP Each]
  • Blue Sapphire (28%) [Average Price: 2.6 GP Each]
  • Huge Emerald (28%) [Average Price: 9.6 GP Each]
  • Large Opal (28%) [Average Price: 6 GP Each]
  • Star Ruby (19%)

-Dark Iron Ore
The most direct farm is to mine the hell out of the Molten Core, but as an instance, there is no respawn nodes. However, if you wonder through the Slag Pits of Searing Gorge, then you can find nodes here, too, and you can also farm for Dark Iron Scraps from the Dwarves in this area.

Tip: Sell Dark Iron Scrap on the Ally AH in groups of 30 for maxium profit.

[Dark Iron Ore Average Price: 18 GP Per 20 Stack]

-Fel Iron Ore
Unfortunately, Dugi already has the best route. My only suggestion is that you acquire an epic flying mount to increase flight speed because that’s a looooooong route.

[Fel Iron Ore Average Price: 42 GP Per 20 Stack]

Fel Iron Ore can be broken down into:

  • Blood Garnet (18%) [Average Price: 2 GP Each]
  • Deep Peridot (18%) [Average Price: 2.2 GP Each]
  • Flame Spessarite (18%) [Average Price: 2.3 GP Each]
  • Golden Draenite (18%) [Average Price: 23.2 GP Each] (<—–HOT!)
  • Azure Moonstone (17%) [Average Price: 2.9 GP Each]
  • Shadow Draenite (17%) [Average Price: 3.6 GP Each]
  • Dawnstone (1%) [Average Price: 5.1 GP Each]
  • Living Ruby (1%) [Average Price: 5.7 GP Each]
  • Noble Topaz (1%) [Average Price: 4.4 GP Each]
  • Nightseye (1%) [Average Price: 5.2 GP Each]
  • Star of Elune (1%) [Average Price: 6.4 GP Each]
  • Talasite (1%) [Average Price: 3.7 GP Each]

-Adamantine Ore
Dugi, again, has the best route. Nagrand has the highest amount of nodes over all the other outland nodes. If this area become too populated, you can fly along the route below in the Terokkar Forest. Since this is a smaler route, having an epic mount is not as required.

[Adamantine Ore Average Price: 32 GP Per 20 Stack]

Adamantine Ore can be broken down into:

  • Adamantite Powder (100%) [Average Price: 12.6 GP Each](<—-HOT!)
  • Flame Spessarite (19%)
  • Azure Moonstone (18%)
  • Blood Garnet (18%)
  • Deep Peridot (18%)
  • Golden Draenite (18%) =)
  • Shadow Draenite (18%)
  • Dawnstone (4%)
  • Living Ruby (4%)
  • Noble Topaz (4%)
  • Nightseye (3%)
  • Star of Elune (3%)
  • Talasite (3%)

-Eternium Ore
See the Nagrand Map Above.

[Eternium Ore Average Price: 14 GP Per 20 Stack]

-Khorium Ore
This is a rare ore that only has a small percent chance of a node appearing. Basically, mine everything you see and you will have that small chance to see it pop up. Keep an eye out for it while farming in Outland.

[Khorium Ore Average Price: 194 GP Per 20 Stack]

-Nethercite Ore
Head over to Shadow Moon Valley’s Netherwing’s Ledge and have at it. You’ll need a flying mount, of course, and this ore is needed for a quest line, so don’t expect a quick sell. If you are a skinner, there are many great mobs for you here as well.

Tip: You can mine this ore to 450.

[Nethercite Ore Average Price: 20 GP Per Unit]

-Cobalt Ore
While the Dugi Map below is a great source for cobalt ore, some players might want to try to farm as soon as they get to Northrend. The map I provide is for lower level farmers.

[Cobalt Ore Average Price: 42 GP Per 20 Stack]

Cobalt Ore can be broken down into:

  • Chalcedony (25%) [Average Price: 3.4 GP Each]**
  • Dark Jade (25%) [Average Price: 3.1 GP Each]**
  • Huge Citrine (25%) [Average Price: 2 GP Each]
  • Shadow Crystal (25%) [Average Price: 1.7 GP Each]**
  • Bloodstone (24%) [Average Price: 2.9 GP Each]
  • Sun Crystal (24%) [Average Price: 1.9 GP Each]
  • Forest Emerald (1%) [Average Price: 10 GP Each]
  • Scarlet Ruby (1%) [Average Price: 29 GP Each] (<—Hot!)
  • Autumn’s Glow (1%) [Average Price: 13.4 GP Each]
  • Monarch Topaz (1%) [Average Price: 8.4 GP Each]
  • Sky Sapphire (1%) [Average Price: 10.8 GP Each]
  • Twilight Opal (1%) [Average Price: 8.9 GP Each]

-Saronite Ore
Wintersgrap is a great location for mining both Saronite ore and Titanium Ore, but if your fraction is not up to snuff, you might not have access to it. As an alternative, farm the Sholazar Basin below. While it might not seem like the best map, this route hits the main hot spots rather effectively.

[Saronite Ore Average Price: 26 GP Per 20 Stack]

Saronite Ore can be broken down into:

  • Chalcedony (18%)**
  • Dark Jade (18%)**
  • Huge Citrine (18%)
  • Shadow Crystal (18%)**
  • Bloodstone (18%)
  • Sun Crystal (18%)
  • Forest Emerald (4%)
  • Scarlet Ruby (4%) =)
  • Autumn’s Glow (4%)
  • Monarch Topaz (4%)
  • Sky Sapphire (4%)
  • Twilight Opal (4%)

-Titanium Ore*
Titanium is a rare random replacement for Saronite. This is the top end so everyone is looking for it. For the best farming results, do not attempt to farm during peak hours. Have a fast flying mount and fly low (but not low enough to arrgo). Since it is both rare and random, don’t try farming in areas that you’ve previously hit; the odds are against you. If everyone is flying close to the walls in search, then stay in small tight circles in the center.

[Titanium Ore Average Price: 200 GP Per 20 Stack]

Titanium Ore can be broken down into:

  • Chalcedony (24%)**
  • Dark Jade (24%)**
  • Huge Citrine (24%)
  • Shadow Crystal (24%)**
  • Bloodstone (24%)
  • Sun Crystal (23%)
  • Forest Emerald (4%)
  • Scarlet Ruby (4%) =)
  • Autumn’s Glow (4%)
  • Monarch Topaz (4%)
  • Sky Sapphire (4%)
  • Twilight Opal (4%)
  • Ametrine (5%) [Average Price: 109.4 GP Each]*
  • Eye of Zul (5%) [Average Price: 124.2 GP Each]*
  • Cardinal Ruby (4%) [Average Price: 142.3 GP Each]*
  • Dreadstone (4%) [Average Price: 114.6 GP Each]*
  • King’s Amber (4%) [Average Price: 116.4 GP Each]*
  • Majestic Zircon (5%) [Average Price: 138.1 GP Each]*

* Tip: This is a High End Item. Cream of the crop. Gems tend to fluctuate greatly between 20-30 GP plus or minus (per item). Ore will fluctuate depending if your fraction is in control of Wintersgasp (10-50 GP per 20 stack). Servers will vary.

** Tip: For Maxium profit, sell these gems in bulk. Sell the rest in singles (Northrend gems only)

*As always, results will vary. GP (Gold Pieces) are averaged out over 6 different Auction Houses and double checked by me. All locations are scouted before hand for precision.*

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    Good guide, just plz update it to cata, need it for the rest of my elementium farming lol


  4. chrisk  8 years ago

    HI I have been using your guide with some success. I am now up to lvl 510 BS and in need of a lot of elementium to move up. Are you going to do a guide to show the best run of elementium and pyrite ore?


  5. Holycow  8 years ago

    Needs to be updated 🙂


  6. Christina Cross  8 years ago

    Thank you for making this, Dugi!


  7. cindy  8 years ago

    I find slightly more in Icecrown


  8. Wizguy  8 years ago

    Thanks for the great guide I should be farming massive gold by now because I’m a grand master miner 450 I have been using mining as my profession since level 1


  9. johnteke  9 years ago

    Looks like another great guide. I have oe upper level miners as of yet but am thinking about the new DK going that way.

    Only one thing to say: Hey Daknit, not to e pushy, but were is the herb finding guide ? Or did I miss something ?

    Keep up the excellent work.



    Daknit Reply:

    soon. I’m covering all the grounds, just a small bit at a time. Herbs are on their way…..soon.


  10. SevenHammer  9 years ago

    Thank you!!!!!!!! If I could type it in all the languages of the world I would!
    Are there other ways and places to mine/farm/make gold YES!!!! So be it, freaking let it be done, let it be written!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this additional supplement.
    Dudes/Dudettess. Thank you!!!!!

    Just my 2 coppers


  11. Gipsymom  9 years ago

    This is an excellent guide, thanks so much! I have a few miners and it always helps to have a good map to follow. I had not thought ot two gathering professions together, but your comments on skinnable mobs along mining routes makes me want to try this for a change.


  12. TZZDC  9 years ago

    I like the guide though I argue that WG is actually the best spot for gathering ore such as saronite and titanium, especially during off peak hours (881 stacks of saronite + ~200 stacks of titanium in a couple of weeks). The only downside to a place like WG is the amount of passes it takes around the zone to sync up the ore respawn with your path around the zone. This is really only for saronite and titanium but as far as the other ore’s go I’ll definitely go with the guide on locations.

    A quick look at Valadisa of SEVERANCE on wowarmory reveals that I bought the kirin tor ring, the gigantique bag and the travelers tundra mammoth (along with both of the white mammoths from the Hodir + donated 20kg to people for epic flying just because) as some proof to how much you can gain if you’re patient and persistent.


    Noname Reply:

    TTZDC, what server are you on, and what’s your name? I want to come to your server and play with you, or something.. I really don’t know how you get so much gold… I actually just want to have a way to talk to you a lot, i don’t really know a good mining route in WG for mining, so i need help.. Thanks, and try to find out a way we can talk to each other a lot, ill try too..


    TZZDC Reply:

    I’m actually on Alterac Mountains, my mains Valadisa (belf warlock), The best route that I’ve found is the one I’m posting below. I do have a few conditionals that I try and follow based on whats going on in the zone. Keep in mind that having gatherer, carbonite and the wowhead ore location db is the best way to visualize this route and keep with the ore.

    Basically you start at the little nook between Icecrown, the basin and WG (its to the left of the castle), go around the castle and down to the middle, from here I usually observe if there’s ore there (because if there isn’t then someones been there recently) and decide if I want to take the red path over the lake for ore or just follow my usual route. If I’m taking my usual (blue) route then I’m flying around the castle once again, around the edge of WG/Icercrown and I actually dip up into the rocky part of Icecrown because there’s an ore spawn not many people get. From there I fly back down against the edge of WG/Dragons blight, go around the lava pit, down to the little nook near dragons blight, go over the dragons blight lake and against the edge of WG/dragonsblight. There’s usually a little spot for ore thats in dragonsblight and then you zip back up to WG against the Westpark area, you dip yet again down towards Dragonsblight (but not leaving WG) and go follow the scenic area with the flowers and sometimes the WG quests. From here you shoot northeast and go towards the west bridge. Make a U-Turn and head back over the creepy forest area and back against the edge facing Sholazar Basin and back up to where you started.

    Couple of NOTES: You will get killed and thats OK, just resume the closest route to you from your graveyard, I’ve found 6-7 titanium nodes in a row this way sometimes and it sucks to die but sometimes you get the titanium and they dont. Dont be afraid to fight over titanium, sometimes I’ll harass people over saronite but usually its not worth fighting over and you might pass over this one node and discover titanium on the next part of the route.

    Happy farming!


  13. Dragonrider  9 years ago

    Really helpful for players just hitting Northrend!! And I like the “paths” showing easiest and fastest way around. Thanks!!


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    Again, another helpful tool. These help move things along when you have to catch up on your professions. Thanks for the help. You make the game more enjoyable.


  16. Rumpelstilt  9 years ago

    Wohoo, made me wanna go make myself a miner for the first time 🙂 thanks!


    football Reply:

    I’m on my second miner .. well actually the third, because I erased mining from a char because I needed the mats, so I forced myself to level it up again lol 😀

    Excellent guide Daknit (again).


  17. Brian  9 years ago

    Excellent guide – I can’t fault it!