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Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac (Cloth and Silk Farming)

Hey everyone,

Bringing you yet another page of the Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac for you. This is for all you tailors out there trying to make the best out of your profession. I’ve included silk because I know how hard it is to find decent materials on the AH.

Sometimes you have to be your own supplier.

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Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac
Cloth & Silk Farming

Linen cloth

The hotspot for linen is in westfall. An obvious go to point for those on the Alliance side, head for the windmill and dish it out to the defias in the area. They have a quick respawn and are drop plenty. If you’re a horde and don’t want to end up in Ally lands, then your best bet is in the ragefire chasm. A couple laps in this instance will net you roughly 100 stacks an hour.

[Average Price: 4 GP Per 20 Stack]

Wool Cloth

Without a doubt, the best place to farm for wool cloth is in the Stockades, if you’re alliance. It’s small, has a good location, and no waiting for respawns. If you’re a horde, then not so much. Try your hand at culling Mosshides in the Southeastern Wetlands. Very quick respawn rate, fair amount of wool and coinage to go around. Keep making laps and you’ll never run out of things to kill.

[Average Price: 16 GP Per 20 Stack]

Silk Cloth

The Scarlet Monastery is the place to be. Inside, nearly everything is farmable for silk, and you are not competing with several others in the same area. If instances are not your thing (or not high enough level to solo), farm out the ghouls in the Raven Hill cemetery both above and below ground (yes, there is a loop track you can follow for maximum culling).

[Average Price: 18 GP Per 20 Stack]

Mageweave Cloth

One highly recommended spot to farm is in Azshara. The undead Highborn have excellent drop rates, but a very long respawn time. Two other spots are great, one of which is in Felwood. Hunting down Furbolgs in the Timbermaw camp will get those farming drops and increase your rep with the Timbermaw Hold. The second is in Tanaris. Finding Dunemaul Orges leads to some excellent drops, if only the mobs weren’t so spread out.

[Average Price: 28 GP Per 20 Stack]


The Twilight Avengers in Silithus (26.0, 31.0 and 40.0, 43.2) are great mobs to farm from. The drop rate is about 50% and the mobs are clustered together. The respawn rate is very good, too. Also, you can also work on your rep while you are out here! The Ogres of Dire Maul and a great drop rate as well. Confirmed reports site the are for an average of 5 Stacks of cloth for every 30 minutes farmed.

[Average Price: 28 GP Per 20 Stack]

Netherweave Cloth

The prime place to hit is everything in and around Manaforge B’Naar. This area is filled with great drop rates, Scryer Rep drops, and weak mobs. There are many mobs in the area, so respawn isn’t an issue. For the Aldor, the Legion Hold in Shadowmoon Valley is for you. Great drops from the demons plus you get Aldor Rep drops and Fel Armaments from all the demons.

[Average Price: 30 GP Per 20 Stack]

Frostweave Cloth

One of the most reputable hot spots for farming Frostweave is in the Sholazar Basin. At 66.0, 51.0 there are fast respawns all up and down the beach with a high 40% drop rate. Keep an eye out for Freya for she will steal your kills. Cloth aside, this area nets about 100GP an hour in just coinage alone. But, if that area is too high for you and you need cloth now, hit the Kaskala Beaches (69, 49). You’ll end up doing a quest here via Dugi, so you might as well stay awhile. The Kvaldir storm the beaches in groups of five and have a drop rate of about 33%. You are easily paced here between invasion waves and you have help if you need it. If you want to get the loot, try to do at least 50% damage to them while the are engaged with ally fighters. Or, take them all on as soon as they get off the boat!

[Average Price: 76 GP Per 20 Stack]


If you are going to want your felcloth, you’re gonna need to head to Dire Maul. The mobs there have the highest drop rate in the game. Again, if instances are not your thing, then prepare to do some serious grinding. The Felguard Sentry in Blasted Lands are all camped together, but they only have up to 8%. And that’s the best outside of instances. Happy Farming!

[Average Price 7.1 GP Per Unit]


So you can’t exactly farm for Mooncloth. You have to transform it from Felcloth (see above), but you need to use a moonwell to do so. Here’s a list of the current locations of said moonwells.

[Average Price 16 GP Per Unit]


  • Ashenvale: Various places: Raynewood Retreat (59, 59)Shaeldryn’s moonwell, east of Iris Lake (53, 46)Southern moonwell, east of Mystral Lake (60, 72)
  • Darkshore: Various places, Auberdine (37, 44)
  • Desolace: Nijel’s Point
  • Felwood: Various places (Both corrupted, but can still be used to purify Felcloth into Mooncloth): Jaedenar (35, 60)Ruins of Constellas (32, 66)
  • Feralas: Feathermoon Stronghold, Dire Maul
  • Moonglade: Nighthaven (48, 33)(46, 45)
  • Silithus: Cenarion Hold (48, 37)
  • Stonetalon Mountains: Stonetalon Peak
  • Teldrassil: Various settlements, including Dolanaar Darnassus: Temple of the Moon
  • Thousand Needles: Thalanaar
  • Tanaris: Caverns of Time (near the entrance for the Battle of Mount Hyjal).

Eastern Kingdoms

  • Duskwood: In the Twilight Grove (49, 33)
  • Elwynn Forest: The Park in Stormwind City. (This location does not have the glowing waters but is still a functional moonwell.)
  • Ghostlands: On Shalandis Isle (13, 25)


  • Blade’s Edge Mountains: Evergrove (62, 39) , Sylvanaar (37, 63)
  • Terokkar Forest: Cenarion Thicket (45, 24)
  • Zangarmarsh: Cenarion Refuge (80, 64)


  • Dragonblight: Stars’ Rest (29, 55)


To farm this item, we’re gonna need a few things to begin. First, netherweave cloth into bolts (see netherweave above), then they need to be imbued. To imbue the cloth you will need arcane dust, which you can do from nearly any green found in Outland. However, if you have the ability to create netherweave bracers or Fel Iron Blood Ring and disenchant them, then you might save yourself some money rather than buying Arcane Dust outright from the AH. Second, you’ll need Primal Shadow, which is created by 10 Motes of Shadow. For this, you’ll need to farm out Voidspawns in Nagrand (see map below). And Lastly, you’ll need Primal Fire, created by 10 Motes of Fire. This mote is best farmed by Enraged Fire Spirits found in Shadowmoon Valley (also shown below). Be sure to pull them onto land; lava hurts.

[Shadowcloth Average Price 25 GP Per Unit]
[Primal Shadow Average Price 14.1 GP Per Unit]
[Primal Fire Average Price 18 GP Per Unit]
[Arcane Dust Average Price 64 GP Per Stack]


Same as above, but only replace Primal Shadow with Primal Mana. You will need to make this cloth anywhere in Netherstorm, but doing so will summon a Level 70 Angered Nether-wraith to kick your ass. If this is not the fight you are looking for, you can 1) spawn him in Area 52 and let the guards help you out, or 2) spawn him near a flight point and leave the scene as soon as he shows up. But, first things first; you’ll need a place to farm. Head north of Area 52, into the Ruins of Enkaat, and hunt down Mana Wraiths. They do have the best drop rates around. However, they can be a nightmare for casters. They tend to drain your mana for health and immune to arcane and a bulk of a hunter’s shots. But, the kill is worth it.

[Spellcloth Average Price 45.2 GP Per Unit]
[Primal Mana Average Price 30.1 GP Per Unit]

Spider’s Silk

While you would normally think that these would be found on nearly every spider, each spider has a different drop rate. In fact, the highest drop rate (10%) can be found in the Arathi Highlands. You can farm out the Great Plains Creeper and Plains Creeper in the area sectioned out below. Take note that Spider Silk sells very well for a lowbie item and much better than it’s superior Thick Spider’s Silk.

[Average Price 8.2 GP Per Unit]

Thick Spider’s Silk

Take a trip to the Searing Gorge and start hunting down Greater Lava Spiders. If you are farming as you level, this is a bonus because they are part of the quests in this area. Note: Greater Lava Spiders are resistant to Fire.

[Average Price 8.1 GP Per Unit]

Shadow Silk

Here’s another great 2 for 1 special. You’ll find that Crypt Walkers and Crypt Stalkers both have a high (ish) drop rate, but also they do drop Crypt Fiend Parts that can be turned in for Argent Dawn Rep or sold on the AH. And if you are properly equipped, they do drop Minion’s Scourgestone for additional Rep. So, head to the Eastern Plaguelands and don’t forget those caves!

Tip: For maxium profit, sell the Crypt Fiend Parts on the Ally AH in stacks of 30.
[Average Price 1 GP Per Unit]

Ironweb Spider Silk

The Plague Lurker is your all purpose silk machine. Yes, at 14%, it has the highest non instance drop rate amongst all the spiders. It also produces shadow silk and heavy spider’s silk. And they are very abundant. They share the same spawns as the bears and wolves in the area, so be sure to clear them out, too. Don’t worry, bear and wolf meat tend to sell well on the AH.

[Average Price 4 GP Per Unit]

Netherweb Spider Silk

There will be some basic grinding here. The Dreadfang Lurker have good drops and are located within a stones throw from Shatt. Follow the route listed, and yes, several other creatures will probably get in your way. However, if you take a look at the price per unit average below, you’ll agree it will be worth the effort.

[Average Price 11.8 GP Per Unit]

Iceweb Spider Silk

The Storm Peaks has a cave north of K3 that houses the Crystalweb spiders. This is the only place outside of instances that you can farm this silk. With a 1/3 chance drop, close groupings, and decent respawn, you would really be unable to find a better spot.

[Average Price 20.1 GP Per Unit]

*As always, results will vary. GP (Gold Pieces) are averaged out over 6 different Auction Houses and double checked by me. All locations are scouted before hand for precision.*

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  1. Thottpanda  6 years ago

    thanks! Got lots of silk for me, including the spider silk, very helpful


  2. timmy  7 years ago

    this is crap i killed 146 and didint get 1


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  4. DHubert  8 years ago

    found a good spot for wool for horde.. (contested area so might even be good for Alliance but have not tested it as yet)

    Silverpine Forest, there is the Sludge Farm… go there through the gate and stand where the ghouls generate (ie come up out of the ground) I was there with a level 59 DK and had a blast, one shotting and looting for all the wool my bags could hold…i went and emptied bags and did it again… found a few hundred wool for about an hour or so worth of work. Cant beat that rate of return anywhere…. Since this is a low level zone, (level15 to 20 maybe? even a level 20 or 30 toonshould have success here.


  5. Catitude  8 years ago

    Your drop areas for Spider’s Silk is no longer accurate 🙁 the Arathi Spiders that previously dropped it were changed to dropping Thick Spider’s Silk after Cataclysm… Other groups of Spider’s that dropped it were seriously reduced in both population & drop rate & the going price on the AH on my server currently is $50g to $100g each piece!!!!!


  6. Jehmar  9 years ago

    You really should list Stratholme as one of the best if not the best location for Runecloth. Hundreds of mobs and its a private killing spree. I have walked into the instance with an 80 Pally tank and its actually quite fun to see how many I can gather up. Since it is an instance its nice since they stay with you rather than losing the agro.

    You have to AOE and step back a bit every few seconds to spread out the dead however or they all fall on top of each other and its hard to avoid not picking up the junk then! You can knock down 10-15 at a time and get Runecloth from about half and usually 2-5 for each of those. Some blue BOE gear even drops that can be sold.

    Wish I knew an an instance like this for Mageweave. Please post if you know!


  7. Paul68  9 years ago

    Thanks again for the great work you are doing. It really helps.


  8. Chetalou  9 years ago

    Another great gude. thank the help!


  9. John  9 years ago

    Thank you again for this latest guide. Very helpful and it gives me a “goal” when I’m finding the game tiresome and boring (yes, it DOES happen!).


  10. Griezz  9 years ago

    Hate to be a nitpicker for a great guide like this, but you made one major boo-boo.

    In your entry for Frostweave cloth, you cite going to the beach and circle it on the map, but for some reason, you call it “Sholozar Basin”. That map (as well as the beach) appears in Borean Tundra, not Sholo.


    Daknit Reply:

    Well, no. I mean what I say. There is a beach (a place of sand and water) in Sholo. It is shown in the 2nd map. It’s not a shoreline on the ocean, but a beach, none the less. And yes, the respawn is crazy there. I ventured there as a level 74 and had a hard time keeping up with the mobs. Everytime you down one, 2 seconds later, there is another coming in hard. (I died a few times testing this area) But, a level or two higher, and I could stand on my own a bit longer. Probably would help if I wasn’t playing a solo mage.


  11. padrae  9 years ago

    Without a doubt, the best place to farm for wool cloth is in the Stockades, if you’re alliance. It’s small, has a good location, and no waiting for respawns. If you’re a horde, then not so much. Try your hand at culling Mosshides in the Southeastern Wetlands. Very quick respawn rate, fair amount of wool and coinage to go around. Keep making laps and you’ll never run out of things to kill.

    Where does it say a Horde farming place for wool, I dont find one the there!


    Daknit Reply:

    It does seem unfair, don’t it? In the lower levels, Blizzard does seem to favor the Alliance. As mentioned in the replies above, try the Shadowfang Keep.


  12. roniwas  9 years ago

    Dak…very nice, very helpful. As a general rule, I don’t farm but there are always those times when you need something and it just isn’t available.


    Daknit Reply:

    This is a common problem on low pop servers or when the players on the server just aren’t there to post. Glad I could help.


  13. Fairgo  9 years ago

    for the Guide. Its a very useful tool and saves me a lot of time and
    aggravation in trying to find the materials that I need.

    Suggestions. Ore Bodies and leather areas.

    Terrific, keep up the good work


    Daknit Reply:


    It’s coming. We’ll keep you “posted.”


  14. Adam  9 years ago

    Extremely useful, considering I’m a tailor. I think the auction house on my server is really screwed up on my server and I’ll see how it sells on my non-tailor characters, but this is a very useful guide otherwise.


  15. Rumpelstilt  9 years ago

    Lovely guide, will help alot, thanks! 🙂


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  17. Arieannah  9 years ago

    extremely helpful linen and wool locations for an ally .. but what about the horde? where are the best places to farm for linen & wool for horde? it can be said that nearly every starting point for any class in either faction will have linen drops, but knowing where to farm wool, if u are horde, would be helpful. thanx.


    Daknit Reply:

    In a word, instances. I don’t usually map out instances, but I will mention them. For the horde, try the ragefire chasm for linen and probably Shadowfang Keep (tho, I usually hit this place mostly for the leather). The wool section above does list a place for hordies. I’ve ran it, and it’s not bad. Ally does seem to market the early cloth pretty good, just as the horde manages the leather early on, too.

    All truth be told, I favor the Alliance for a great deal of time. I know where all the REALLY good stuff is, but from the Ally perspective. Once you hit, like, level 50 and on, it really don’t matter what side of the fence you are on.


  18. Eiry  9 years ago

    This is a great guide for locations. But on my server the prices are way off. For example, the silks will vendor for more than they AH for. And the cloth stacks will sell for about 10% of the price in some cases.

    This is a good grinding guide for tailors, but not for gold farming.


    Daknit Reply:

    The prices are based on average over several servers. Yes, some items will be higher/lower than what is posted here. Every player should familiarize themselves to their own AH, and see what really sells. If you know a cloth or spider silk that is needed, then you can farm it out and set your own prices, regardless what this guide says the average is. That’s where the real gold farming comes from.


    tony Reply:

    what server was these test dont just want to know


  19. Kenny  9 years ago

    Thanks for letting me know where to farm spidersilk. Been trying alot of places but drop rate is bad and AH doesn’t help any with ridicules prices. Thanks again.


  20. Kathy  9 years ago

    This is very helpful for tailors, Thank you very much.


  21. Tim  9 years ago

    Your help is the best I’ve found anywhere and having the value is a great bonus.


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