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    I have been trying to get my reputation up. so I tried to do Argent Tournaments. It was very confusing. i did not get past testing/pratrice what ever it was called. does anyone know of any help I have the Dailies guide. but it only helped in where to go not arrows for each step. It took me forever to find the place to get the 3 quests. and then to find the mounts. then i did not understand the pratice at all and never go past that. any Help woudl help.
    Thank you,
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    Hi susan,

    I totaly agree with you the Argent Tournaments are confusing to start of especially the ones you have to train to get the gran melee ones but please keep up with then as they get easyer when you get to grips with them.

    Dugi, give this person some support if there are people going to 'lol' at your custemeers when asking for help, it is up to you to give them a warning or kick them for misconduct in forum use.

    I hope i'm not the only custemer you have that feels this way.


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    i dont understand how you're having trouble starting the AT Dailies, but once you figure it out you can use these tips to help with the actual jousting.

    As a Valiant you only need three Valiant marks to complete 'The Grand melee' Valiants are easy (so are champions. its pretty much the same steps)

    Before you start a joust Make sure you have all your shields up (Button 4) Now start the joust, let the NPC run away, and as soon as you can Charge them (Button 3) Run through them, jump and spin around then hit your shield breaker (Button 2). When your shield breaker gets thrown run up to melee range, and put up your shields again if any got knocked down.

    Melee the NPC until they start to run away again, Back up away from them a bit until you can use Charge, just rinse and repeat until they're dead. Once i get my Desktop built and off of my crappy laptop ill record a HD video of me doing the dailies, and explaining each step.

    But until then, it's pretty simple. Took me a while to get the jousting down and farmable (in a sense)

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    Hi luc1fr,

    that seems a good explanation on how to do the quests, nice to see usefull posts giving help when help is asked for.

    As for the sons of holdir you have to do some pre-quests befpre you can start the dailys which are in the daily guide.


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    Hi luc1fr,
    Thanks that seams helpful, i have more questions.

    where do i do a joust ? do i need a quest?. do i need to talk to someone first?

    I did get my sons of holdir up. Just took many days as i only hade 3 dailies to start with.

    Thanks everyone.

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