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Thread: Idea?

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    Lightbulb Idea?

    I had an idea.

    Make like an in game pvp strategy guide!
    Maybe like the guide will know what you are attacking and it will tell you what spells to cast! It makes it a lot easier.

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    so... you can complete stop thinking, a guide what even show which button you have to push is a bit.. to much

    tbh i even think its wouldn't be possible, such a guide would need a KI, there are to many things in pvp happening at same time and for example programmed advice like heal yourself at xy% of you live, or take a potion make no sence when muliple enemys attack you at same time... or current target is casting a a dmg cast and you could interrupt it, but you see 1m left from him a healer casting a big heal... guide would pherhaps react only on current target. but it would be wise to interrupt the healer not the dd in grp combat

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    Default pvp in game guide

    No! Make it so it pushes the buttons for you . . .

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