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    ok, have flown to 79 and now am looking around and am ahead of the guide. I know i skipped some quests, but not many, and i just did not want to do some of them...anyway...i'm looking around and there may not be enuf quests left in the couple of zones not mentioned in guide to finish the last lvl....any suggestions??
    thx mate

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    I'm really shocked you completed everything and still level 79? you must have skipped either Borean tundra or Howling Fjord, those quests are really easy to do.

    We have only skipped 1 zone which is Ice Crown which contains a lot of group quests.

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    do all the quests in grizzly hills, zul'drak and borean tundra also goto howling fjord

    i completed all these quests here (and got achevements) and got to 80 easy, without touching storm peaks and icecrown,, should be easy.. good way to check roughly how many quest u got left is to goto your Achevements -> Quest -> Northrend and click them in there it will say how many quests u have completed and ROUGHTLY how many are left hope this helps

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