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Thread: Problem: Making much gold

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    And in your opinion which is the best market? I buy a lot of mats. In fact i have monopolized the market a few times with runecloth, crystallized fire, and heavy leather. I buy out every single one on there that is lower then what i can sell even if i just make a 50s profit but in the end I still make a good amount. But I am only confident with these things. I tried doing that with infinite dust but there was just so much on my server that was floating around that there was no way that I was going to be able to buy it all out. Would have needed about 30k or so to do that. I didnt lose gold but invested about 700g and only brought back 710g so not very good. That carpet bombing techinque that you said seems like you would end up losing a lot of money. I guess that I just dont understand the concept on that. Would you mind explaining a little bit more.

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    i'd say the best market is the prep before a patch. i see eng buying mats to make the new arrows and heavy borean leather drying up after patch. in 3.3 10 heavy borean can be traded for 1 arctic fur. gems will see a rise do to people getting new gear, flasks will be in demand do to people wiping on bosses in icecrown so frost lotus price will go up. these are a few examples. i've noticed that you can get a stack of netherweave for 8g on some servers and craft a netherweave bag and sell it for 15ish so theres profit right there.

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    Crystaltech you sure do seem very smart about this game. I wish you played on my server cuz I know you would be alot of help. I know I need to start saving my gold but I cant do that atm because I just got my first level 80 and am buying mats to do enchants (which is expensive) and also buying gems to socket. Now I want to be the best out there so I am doing a lot of research and only buying the best enchants and the best sockets. I currently only have 6k on my AH mule but I have had a total of 38k on this toon throughout his wow life. Is 6k enough to make a major investment in something and start making bigger risks? Im tired of not being able to make more than 3k a week. I wanna get to where I have GREAT gear and alot of money at the same time. My main has an alchemy skill of 430. I make flasks. Which are the best flasks to sell? My server also had alot of raids going on so whichever ones are needed in raids im sure can get sold easy. LOL I just realized that I am spending alot of gold. O well its what makes the game fun. Thanks for all the help. And if by chance your on Drenden server let me know.

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    ok going to stop ya. if your a fresh 80 don't buy the best enchants for your gear. its a major no no. with the raids and the change in emblems with 3.3 you should save up and get your t9 items and then enchant. Currently I'd do heroic runs until you can get your 2pc t8.5 from conquest emblems. also i'd hold off getting your epic shoulder chant until 3.3 because then you'll only need one toon to buy it (its becoming a BOA item). As for flasks it frostwrym, and endless sell for a lot. but you could make more gold by selling the frost lotus and the herbs to make it than just the flask.

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    Well im not buying enchants for all of my gear only for the one's that I know that I am going to keep (for instance, I am a hunter so Bracers of the smothering inferno, and boots of living scale). Those are very good pieces and I believe they are worth enchanting, right? What are t9 items and how and where would I get them? Also out of curiosity I know that there are BOA gear but I heard someone say something about ROF or someother abbreviation. What is that?

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    t9 pcs are bought with the emblems of triumph. the vendor is right outside the toc raid portal. RAF is the recruit a friend program. (with linked accounts you get 300% + heirloom bonus (if ya have them) to your xp but only lasts up to lvl 60.

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    Hey thanks for all of your help man. Greatly appreciated.

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