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    I'm not sure that everyone realizes how many people are going to be playing Classic when it releases. You can take my word for it, that when Classic releases, it is going to overtake BFA by a long shot. There was a recent panel by the Retail Devs discussing BFA, and all the questions they received were about Classic, not BFA. We have 10/20 people on in Discord nightly discussing Classic. Our guild is around 200 people strong right now, and growing daily.

    To that end, I think it's important that Dugi's Guide cover everything we will need/want in a Classic Guide. Feel free to add any features you would want included:

    1. Where to find Best in Spec for each class at level 60
    2. All the Dungeon Quests
    3. Dungeon Maps
    4. Class Quests
    5. Profession Leveling
    6. Where to find all the books for Professions and Classes (First Aid Books, Cooking Books)
    7. Exploration: Boat Routes, Zone Maps, Flight Paths.
    8. How to make gold

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    If anyone would like to join our Classic Guild just leave me a message or your battledotnet tag, and I will add you as a friend. We are mainly on the East Coast in the USA, but we do have members from all over the USA.

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