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    The War Campaign can get very out of sync. Why doesn't the Guide pick up on the quest and take me to that part of the War Campaign guide? If it is suppose to mine does not. How do I make sure it does?

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    What part of the War Campaign?

    Alliance or Horde? (I presume you're Alliance from your profile pic)
    Quest: ________ ?
    Step number: *** ?

    Still leveling or is it at max level?
    What does the quest log say. Any unfinished War Campaign quests or a conversation step that you forgot to complete. Other?
    What does the War Campaign progress say (press M)?
    Is it something with Hemet Nesingway? That guy has a mind of his own. He can change location if you pick up extra quests and do them outside the guide. Example:

    Is it the part with the Island Expeditions (around steps 251.....) and have you already done it on another char? If so, then those steps can be skipped with the red X instead of a checkmark.

    I've personally helped ironing out the Alliance War Campaign and run it multiple times (over 20 x 120's). Also been running a couple of Hordes through. I did manage to paint myself into a corner once on the Horde side where it wouldn't sync in Drustvar. I had to back track and I found a couple of steps that I accidentally skipped because I switched the guides around (too many alts :P).

    Info please
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