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Thread: [Rare Mob] - Missing Rare Mobs

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    Default [Rare Mob] - Missing Rare Mobs

    The Rare Mob "Pridelord Meowl" is missing from the guide / tooltip. It also does not show what it drops.
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    This one can be added by doing the following
    Open \NPCJournalFrame\NPCJournalFrameData.lua in a editor like Notepad++

    Find line 1057, click at end of the line and hit enter.

    Add this line
    |NPCID|90901| |LVL|100| |ABIL|213822,213824| |NDIS|| |ST|Found in (map:630) (56.0,29.0, 630, "(npc:90901)")| --Pridelord Meowl
    Save the file.

    Open file ExtendedTrackingPoints.lua
    Find line 569, click end of the line and hit enter.

    Add this line
        "R:56.0,29.0:90901", -- Pridelord Meowl
    Save the file.

    Or you can wait until Dugi spots this post and then adds it in for next update.

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    Hi Caluril,

    thank you. I wait until Dugi has added it. Just wanted to make sure I report it. It is not urgent.

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    fixed for next build, thank you

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