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Thread: [Direction Bug Thread] - General direction Bugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by brollylssj View Post
    On the First step it would be nice if the guide would also consider riding as I cannot fly in WoD (nor in Legion) as I did not have all steps finished for that and your guide wants me to ride a mountain up which I cannot ride (because it is too steep).
    You can disable the Flight Masters under Taxi System. Click the drop down menu and change it from Auto to Never.
    Dugi please correct me if I am wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by brollylssj View Post
    For the Part "Gronnsbane - The Blessing of Frost" it would be nice if you could add text to it, that you need to walk up the tower when arriving at the way point (your arrow finishes downside in the tower, while the "Blessing of Frost Stone" is on top as seen on my Second picture).

    Though I would say these are more suggestions than bug reports, but I still wanted to post them.
    Rather than add text, we can optimize the waypoints, add more for the path to get there and optimize the final destination.

    I flew there to check it out, I see what you mean, the best entry point for ground travel is the ice slope with a few Ravenous Ironchewer's rolling down the slope.

    Dugi, here's the suggested fixes.

    This can be added to both Alliance and Horde versions of this guide.
    A Gronnsbane: The Broken Spear |QID|37916| |N|Auto quest| |Z|525| |D| |PRE|37914|
    Add After:
    R Magnarok |QID|37916| |N|Travel to {Magnarok} (64.46, 34.65) (66.67, 33.90) (67.84, 32.48)| |Z|525| |D| |PRE|37914|
    N (item:122099) |QID|37916.3| |N|Collect (item:122099) from the ground (71.43, 28.91) (72.45, 26.87)| |Z|525| |D| |PRE|37914|
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    Thank you for the answer and the quick fixes. With flight I did not mean flight masters (I already had both alliance side fly points due to your wonderful "Image of Vargoth" Guide) but my own riding skill. It is too low to be able to fly by myself in WoD. Yes, that ice slope was also the way I used to go up there to the final location. Since I used the guide it sent me to the left fly point (Brenna Skymoor). For alliance it is probably better to use the right fly point though, I would guess, atleast it should be more near to the ice slope entrance you mean.
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