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Thread: Update Build 8.681

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    Default Update Build 8.681

    Build 8.681 - Jan 13th 2018
    Dugi Addon

    • Optimize addon for faster loading time and less CPU usage
    • Improved guide scrolling for large guide data
    • Improved guide selection and tab switching
    • Improved Gear Advisor calculation
    • Improved Gear Finder calculation
    • Rebuild Pandaria flightmaster data

    Leveling Guides

    • Rebuild Krasarang Wild guide

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    May I ask why the installer is still creating a retail folder inside the retail folder rather than using the add on folder under interface? I keep having to move it.

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    Why is it that i get a notification, whenever I try to post a new topic/thread or comment about my issue - i get a notification that i "lack at least 1 character"

    I am missing the leveling guide from Eastern Plaguelands among other. How can I get this back ?

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