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Thread: Loyalty Program and Classic

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    Default Loyalty Program and Classic

    I'm just wondering if we will get the Classic updates for free if we are in the Loyalty Program?

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    Hi it won't be included in the loyalty, it is likely that we will offer it as a one time purchase since classic may not require much updates after the initial release.

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    Ok, thank you for the quick response ; )

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    Cannot get the guides for the horde regions to load. Does this now mean I have to be on a horde toon first even though the alliance has quests in those horde lands for Argus? The guides were there a few days ago. Also need to know where to look for them in the menu.

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    Well, this is a surprise, not even related to this thread at all.

    Can you please explain, I can't make any sense with what you're trying to say.

    Do you mean questing in general Kalimdor? Eastern Kingdoms? or you mean Argus?
    If it's Argus, you will find it in Dailies > Legion > Argus (110+)

    Not going to comment any further until I get more info that makes more sense.

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