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Thread: FPS steadily dropping from 100 to 20 while using dugiguides

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    In addition to my previous post:

    during longer fights on my hunter it sounds like something opening/closing windows ( or backpack,..) like the Charakter or trade skill window.

    Like the fishing bug before but without seeing something on the screen...

    Abit before i tested on my shaman every addon i used against dugi, at this point i thought "sptimers addon" causes the problem. with this combination i could stay in bank, just open and close the bank/backpack windows to provoke raising memory usage from dugi / dropping fps….

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    I too am having this issue, I have gone through all of the posts, but I don't think that I will be willing to delete all of my macros and reset them up. Its eating upwards of 300MBs after a bit of time and drops my FPS down to 6 from 100. Although I do appreciate all of the time that I have been a customer, I would like to request/ask for just a guide addon instead of the bloated one that we have now with the gear checker, gear equiper, automounting, multiple guides per tab, etc. Is there a "light" version of this addon like back in the day before all of the additions. I use your addon for the in-game guides, not all the hoopla. Just asking if that is in the works. Also, I have turned all the "hoopla" and still have the issue. I know your thinking this post doesn't tell me exactly what you turned off or on or when you are having the issue, well simply put its all the time. Every toon that I log into it happens, and I have even put it into essential mode and still does it. It does appear to be a memory leak somewhere as someone mentioned.

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