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Thread: Are Epic Flying Mounts worth the price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lividspiral View Post
    if you have a lvl 80 toon, you can buy a BOA cold weather flying training book for 1000g at the dalaran landing pad. you can then mail it to any toon on your account and provided they're at least lvl 70, they can use the BOA book to train cold weather flying. you also dont have to purchase the epic mount.. you can still use your flying mount from Outland to fly around northrend once you train the cold weather flying. you're not going to go as fast as you would with epic mount but its infinitely easier to complete the quests in borean tundra and the early 70's stuff with flight.
    That is exactly what I did. My Level 80 toon bought the Cold Weather Flying book in Dalaran and mailed it to my level 68. At level 69 toon, following Dugi's suggestion, Number Two went straight to Outland, skipping several levels of the guide.

    I discovered three items of interest:

    1) Wow, it is a heckuva lot easier to do the quests in Northrend if you have a flying mount!! It is well worth the 1,000 gold to get the Cold Weather Flying book (you'll have to pay 1,000 for cold weather flying eventually, anyhow). My toon Number Two buzzed through many quests that the first toon had struggled with -- all because of the ability to fly and not have to wade through so many adds.

    2) Another Wow --Wow, it is really not worth it to buy an Epic mount for most of Northrend. The simple, old low-speed flying mount that worked so well for me in Outland also worked just fine in Northrend. In fact for many quests it was easier to use because it didn't go so fast.

    3) Finally, I've learned (again per Dugi's suggestion) that an Epic mount is very helpful for quests in Stormpeaks and Icecrown. There's a whole lot of long distance flying going on there that makes the expense worthwhile.

    Not only so, but at level 80 my bill for Artisan Flying was only 4,000 gold. For whatever reason, I got a 1,000 gold discount.

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    if you know how to make gold in wow it really doesnt matter what price you have to pay for the artisan flying (whether its 4k or 5k). u just buy it as fast as you can. its that simple : )

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    get epic flying mount every time i have 5 now on different chars well worth the money.


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