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Thread: Hunter -- lost all talents!

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    Default Hunter -- lost all talents!

    Wheee! Gotta love new patches...

    My hunter was tangling with a mob today that I have beaten easily twice before. Today, however, I was getting my furry butt kicked. So I went to punch the Intimidation button and Bestial Wrath. Both were missing...!

    After I survived the mob (narrowly) I checked to see that ALL of my talent choices were missing for both my hunter and his pet. I've got 58 talent points available for my hunter and another 12 for the dog, but it looks like I'll have to select talents all over again.

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    Same thing happened to me. All my talents were reset which is good since the templates picked all the wrong stuff for my hunter and pet. At least I get a free reset now.

    Dave........PLEASE, give us links to the correct templates so we can manually enter them. I am sure this is quicker than fixing your programs

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    Same, although first day i went on, i had one point refunded, next day they refunded all points.

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