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    Question Quest Helper

    So what advantage does the QH add-on give me? It looks like it disables the TomTom arrow to use it's own. Will my questing path change? Does it just show more icons on the map? That's fine if it does, but is that worth the extra load on my system?

    Just really wondering what QH will do for me, and if it's worth installing.

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    Razztek I've used both addons, Dugi's and QH, and Dugi's is by miles the best. Forget QH, you don't need it

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    OK - I guess I'm not sure what QH is then. I thought it was a free add-on that he's just saying will help. Not sure which add-on you're talking about when you say "Dugi's and QH" for Dugi.

    I'll probably just stick to no QH. I'm blazing through the levels now anyway w/o it and I'm not sure that it will help me go any faster.

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    Do you have Dugi's levelling guide?
    When I said Dugi's, I meant his add-on that allows you to use his guide in-game. Questhelper is a free add-on you can get from almost anywhere on the internet. What QH does is makes a route from the quests you have to make them more efficient. What Dugi's does is tell you in which order to get quests too, it also has detailed instructions on how to find a mob that you have to kill or where you need to go to find an object which starts a quest. Dugi's is twice a efficient as QH.

    Hope it helps,

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