Hi all,

Well I have used this guide to get numerous toons to 70+ and while it is an awesome guide it would be amazing if a little more was added to it.

The 70-80s guide will get you there very fast but at the same time will leave you just a bit shy of having good gear to start raiding. I'll just toss this out there as a suggestion and maybe Dave will bite :P.

It would be great if you could add Icecrown into the 78-80, I was out there on my warlock and picked up some really good pre-raid items through the quests out there. Not only that the quests give you a good amount of gold and rep with the Argent factions.

Storm Peaks is another one, while i dread grinding rep with the sons of hodir. It would take a bit of the pain away if you where leveling and gaining rep at the same time.

Once again, I'm not complaining as I do love this guide as well as the others. Just tossing out my opinion.