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    Default Tank guides!

    Hi there!

    I was wondering if there is a tanking guide for warrior, druids, pallys and DK on Dugi's guide. Do you guys know anything about it? Something with specs, gear, etc.

    Thank you

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    STA, Big Body, Good Class, Not high DMG, taunts. Your done. Its really boring but fun!

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    Caio has a good idea, a tanking guide would be sweet. They should add it to pvp guide

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    Verttex, thats a very bad description. Im sorry but I had to say that. Tanking is not just about those things, and its not boreing at all(but thats an opinion, so people can disagree). Tanking is a lot of work to get started because you need to get the 540 defence rateing, but once you get that, its very fun and you will have no problem getting a group IMO(I dont have a problem anyway, probably varies from realm to realm). Anyway, that would be a really cool thing to have. In the mean time go to that should help you with any questions you have.

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