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Thread: Farming on the Isle of Quel'Danas

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    Hi guys,
    I've wanted to release these tips for a while, but I didn't have the time because I was busy trying to level up. As I did that, I found an almost EMPTY area- the Isle of Quel'Danas.

    The area has many dailies that give 4-5 gold apiece, but there's a LOT of them, so work with what dailies in the area that you can handle. However, the daily quests make a quarter or less of the total. All of the loot you get on this island is unbelievable.

    As you may imagine, Netherweave Cloth is plentiful here, along with some specific loot for certain enemies. For example, the Naga in the area drop many clams, which are useful if you are a cook, and you may find a pearl or two, depending on how many you are looting. The arcane Elementals that hang out with the Wretched (Which drop Netherweave as well as the Dawnblade elves) may have some Mote of Mana. Both the Burning Legion and the Dawnblade elves drop their marks, which may or may not sell, but can help raise your reputation with the Shattrath factions, Aldor or Scryers. You may sometimes come across with a special Reputation quest item which can raise your reputation as well. If your mining or herbalism skills are high enough you can also get the metal, stone, and herbs. These sell for quite a bit, depending on your realm.

    If you have the bag space, try to pick up any poor-quality weapons and armor. These can be sold to vendors for even more profit. The Poor weapons sell for more than the Poor armor so pick up the weapons first if you are trying to save space.

    Once you are finished with your daily quests and get to the auction house, I'd recommend selling the Netherweave itself, and not make the bags, as the prices for Netherweave Bags dropped drastically- in fact, after three days, I witnessed the buyout drop from 20-22g to about 10. (I learned THAT one the hard way and wasted 7 deposits on nothing.) That's about the normal price for a Netherweave stack.

    As for the Primal Mana you find, the price changes every day and you should check before you sell it (As with all other trade goods you come across). Not all of it sells, but the price for 2 is about 8g, and the deposit is low because it is a trade item.

    I usually make 1.5-2k gold per week, but I don't play much, and only get two days or so worth of the daily quests. As for those who have more time and can finish every single quest for a week straight can make MUCH more. I don't even do all of the Dailies there, just most of them. Plus, I'm not a miner or herbalist.

    Also, refrain from the hatemail and arrogant replies please. I was on for a LONG time trying to get all of the info I needed to release.
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