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Thread: Frostweave

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    Unhappy Frostweave

    I want tons of frostweave because it sells big tym on my server but the guilds spots to farm them are not right, i farm for 3.5 hours in the two spots to leave with only 19 cloth.

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    I know what you're saying I tried those spots too, btw heroics aren't bad for frostweave and you get emblems of heroism and rep too. Combine this with the heroic daily and you make 26g too. By the way the second zone in The Storm Peaks, is it just me or are there absolutely no npc's there?


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    Default It does work =)

    I have a Prot Palli that i take farming in one of the spots in IC. i take my friend along who is a tailor(tailors get more cloth drops). i can tank the whole shelf of undead and they all died fairly easily. 1/2hr gets us about 20-30 pieces. GL =)

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