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    Default What do I do now?

    I'm about halfway through level 47, and I'm just about to start the 46-47 section. Do I keep following the guide even though I'm over-leveled (an risk a quest going grey later on) or do I try to skip forward?

    This is the question that's make or break for this guide, I'm afraid. Granted, one level isn't too bad, but I abandoned a different leveling guide after I was almost 5 levels too high.

    The problem is that it's really hard to skip a section of the guide, and then come back to it. You keep running into quests you can't do because you haven't completed the pre-reqs, and worse yet, the pre-reqs are usually in different zones.

    If I can't find a good answer to this dilemma, then I can't keep using this guide.

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    I would have to say it's your own personal prefence to skip ahead or not. Though me personally I've never been able to out level myself using this guide or even Zygor's. Second, I wouldn't really care if I out leveled the guide because I would still see all the quests. Granted it might be less exp but that just means less downtime in my book. Though from time to time I have to skip a couple quests here and there due to the pre-quest was in another level range I didn't do.

    Maybe your picking up extra quests that aren't in the Guide to begin with?

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    yeah not wrong i had to skip 3 quests as there was none in ironforge

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    I'm now halfway through 48.

    I outlevel the guides because I don't stick to them exclusively. I run instances and do events, like the midsummer thing. I'll never just do the guide.

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    then there's your answer... all the guides out there do not take into effect the events that occur in the game and instances.. and it also doesn't take into consideration the rested XP while you're offline..

    with that said, skip ahead on the guide, and miss out on some quests or stop instancing and don't do events

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