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Thread: MidSummer guide error - Undercity

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    Exclamation MidSummer guide error - Undercity

    In the Mid Summer guide, a step calls for activating the teleporter in the Undercity to go to Silvermoon City. This only works on a Horde character. What should an Alliance character do at this point in trying to snuff out Horde bonfires?

    Otherwise, a GREAT guide, Dugi!

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    Sorry about that, we though that Alliance can also activate the teleporter. You will need to go to Chillwind Camp in Western Plaguelands and Fly to Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands.

    Then run North Ghostlands, we have updated the guide with this new path


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    No problem. Thanks for fixing the guide. I actually rode my land mount all the way from Undercity, as I'd never explored some of the territory in between there and Silvermoon. Took a while, but it was nice to uncover some new ground.

    Thanks again!

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