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    Ok ive run the horde lvlng guide twice from 1-80 and every once in a blood moon i notice that where the guide says a quest or mob is and where the tomtom arrow takes me arnt the same place..

    I didnt keep track of these errors but im wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

    i normally update my pc and addons every tuesday while wow is down so i know everythings up to date.

    I'll do my best on my next toon to keep track of these error's and keep tech updated.. This may just be me, but i would prever feedback to save myself a bit of time and Yall alot of hastle..

    Thanks dugi & Co.

    Anomoly 80 Blood Elf Mage Zang
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    We costantly update our guide to make as error free as possible, but there still may be some error that may have changed such as blizzard moving the quest NPC or it may simply be a typo with the coordinates. We appreciate any report of any error that you see.

    Make sure you update your guide to the latest files that is available in the members area.

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    I have encountered this problem a few times while using the alliance guide.. I will be making a full 1 - 80 bug report within the next month for the alliance guide.. I don't normally play horde but I may pick it up and do a full bug report on the horde guide.

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