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    I download the guides, put them in the addons folder. When I play the game, it says no guides. My latest game patch is 3.1.2. Also, when I do some quests, it says "this quest is not in the guide". I'm a human pally and on lvl 18.

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    Did you download the data files?

    Do you have

    Dugi's Guide - Viewer
    Dugi's Guide - Alliance En
    Dugi's Guide - Horde En
    Dugi's Guide - Dailies & Events

    in your addons menu? are they ticked?

    did you follow the instructions

    did you view the how to use the guide tutorial

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    alright i got the add ons but when i go it only shows the viewer and the tomtom the horde en isnt there and its in my add ons and its extracted and unziped and every thing thats the only thing i got left to do cause the guides are not there cause i need that

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    Assuming you are playing Horde, and the addon is ticked on, then there may be a little problem..

    What is the path used for the horde guide?

    EX: C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns

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