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Thread: I'm having 65+ lvling problems

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    Default I'm having 65+ lvling problems

    Ever since lvl 65+ it has taken me 5 hours per this to be expected??? It is taking me a lot of time to lvl here...i am following the guide none stop and not really wasting any time at all...Am I missing a key factor? I have my lvl 60 mount..I'm lvl 68 and now in the Wrath of the Litch King area the guide took me too....I have done all the quests up to this point and It has taken me about 5 hours to get 20% through the guide, for my lvl, and 2 bars from 69..At this rate it is going to take me 60 more hours to get to 80 as long as the play time per lvl doesn't increase and I don't believe that it won't increase.

    So am i missing a key to lvling faster? I am a hunter and have about the best bow and crits you can have at my lvl.

    Any help would be nice.

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    Seeing as I didnt use the guide to level a toon past 55 yet, I cant say its the guide. But I can say this. It has taken me 1 hour at least level on that toon, and at most 3. He just dinged 55 20 minutes ago. Maybe it is the rate at which your killing things, or the drops. Thats all I can really say, until I reach that part of the guide.

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    65-70 is known to be a slightly slower leveling bracket no matter what your play style.
    Don't be too concerned though as once you hit Northrend you'll find yourself leveling at a faster pace.
    If you're finding it slow once you hit 69 and you're still stuck in Outlands, I'd suggest you skip straight to Northrend. You'll be completing higher level quests that generally yield more XP and this ought you get you back on track.

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