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Thread: Just reached lev 90, how do I get access to the Shrine of Seven Stars

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    Default Just reached lev 90, how do I get access to the Shrine of Seven Stars

    My Hunter Dalarann just reached level 90, now I can't wait to get my flying abilities in Pandaria, also doing the dailies.

    I have no idea what or where to go form here, what zone to head to, or how to get access to the Valley of the Four Winds, Shrine of Seven Stars.

    I looked on various web site, and it mentions I have to purchase my flying rights for Pandaria from NPC's in the Shrine of Seven Stars, how do I get there, is there a Quest Chain ?

    I went to the Gate of the August Celestials but can't open or get past the locked gates, can oyu guys help me out, point the way in ?

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    There is a quest chain, but as it opens up the dailies I would assume that the quest chain is part of the dailies guide.

    I also assume by ranger you mean hunter cause there is no ranger class in WoW. :s

    As a side note, if you don't have and can't afford the dailies guide (though I'd highly suggest it at this stage) when you might wanna search wowhead as they'll have information on the quest chain.

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    Thanks j800r,

    I made the correction, it is a Hunter I have (Wrong game Lingo).

    Alright, some one in game directed me to look into the Binan Village, logged out then did some digging on various Forums, it took a while but I put the pieces of the puzzle together.

    Link that made it come together

    It is in deed a Quest Chain that opens up the Gate of the August Celestials, and gives access to the Shrine of Seven Stars, the first Quest is picked up in Binan Village, the Quest name is "Temple of the White Tiger", head to the Temple then turn in the Quest to Prince Anduin Wrynn, then accept the Quest "A Celestial Experience", you get to speak to Xuen, it start a series of Quest in the Temple (Pass three Tests), you are then asked to meet Prince Anduin Wrynn in Westwind Rest/Gate of the August Celestials.


    I have already purchased all parts of Dugi's Guide, including the Dailies Guide, now it's time to enjoy that part as well.

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    Headed towards the Shrine of Seven Stars, purchased "Wisdom of the Four Winds" from the Flight trainer, I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to be able to fly once again, I can't believe how much I had missed that ability in Pandaria.

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    I'm a lvl 85 newbie to WoW, and a newbie to Dugi Guides, since lvl 67. Having fun playing the game, and for the most part I'm very satisfied with the Guide, BUT........... I fail to see how any "complete" guide can start doing the Pandera quests without first guiding us to the Pandera flight master. I have literally spent hours searching for information, only to be waylaid by every single instruction referring to points that are not on my maps. I'm logging back in to search for Binan Village as referenced above by gwyddeon. It truly sucks to be relegated to running after 50-60 flying levels.

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    I have no idea what you're referring to there. You cannot fly in Pandaria until you reach level 90. There are many flight masters in Pandaria and when you need to use one to get somewhere the guides will direct you there. Trust me, Dugi Guides are plenty complete and personally the best that I've ever used.

    Unless you're on about the dailies in which case it directs you to the required pre-prequest chain if you pick Golden Lotus or any other relevant guide. The Klaxxi dailies don't require access to Vale of Eternal Blossoms so those ones won't direct you to the pre-quests.


    It would seem I am mistaken. The guide to unlock the gates to Vale of Eternal Blossoms is actually in the levelling guide with no direction to go there in the Golden Lotus dailies guide. I agree this IS a big floor as nobody would know to actually go through that guide without direction so wouldn't know the information they need is even there. Vale of Eternal Blossoms should be moved to the dailies section and the very first step of the Golden Lotus dailies should direct you there if you haven't already opened the gates.
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    Thanks for the reply. I've written two long explanations of what I was referring to, only to lose them when I post to the message I don't have permission, please log in. I am logged in, so shrug. This will probably post. Yup, it posted, I'll try editing to add what I had to say.

    First Dugi Guides are great! but there wouldn't be a need for updates if they were perfect. Actually a guide to the guide would be nice, other than the video tutorials. There are many Wikki posts that state we do not have to be 90 to get the Pandera flight training, all we have to do is give the trainer in our faction home city in the Vale 2K. Some even give instruction on how to jump into the zone from the Serpents Spine, run to the trainer without doing any pre-quests. Maybe this is a work around that Blizzard nerfed. Can't prove or disprove it since I can't find the Serpent's Spine, or the wall to jump off of. lol

    I'd like to know how to find the guide to unlock the Vale in my Dugi Leveling or Daily Guides. I have the complete set. Thanks again
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    Any wiki post that states you can get pandarian flying before level 90 is wrong.

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    UR right, ur both right! Located the guide in Dugi, should of known how to find it all along, my bad. Did the unlock quest, got to the trainer only to find that it is 90 to train for flight. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. My Griffon runs faster than I can steer in that zone anyway, just can't fly over the mobs that want to kill me. My apologies to Dugi and his defenders. Hell, I even used the guide to get back to where I was in Valley of the Four Winds.

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