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Thread: Battle pet rarity macro

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    Default Battle pet rarity macro

    Found this and thought I would share. Will tell you the rarity of wild pets before you capture them

    Step one: Make a macro and paste this script into it:

    /run for i=1,C_PetBattles.GetNumPets(2) do
    SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(C_PetBattles.GetNam e(2,i).." -
    ".._G["BATTLE_PET_BREED_QUALITY"..C_PetBattles.GetBreedQ uality(2,i)]) end

    Step two: Bind this macro to a hotkey besides 1-6 (I personally like binding it to the numpad-enter key)

    Step three: At the start of a wild battle, press the hotkey you keybind it to. The pet rarity for each wild pet you are battling should pop up in the chat panel! (Note: you should may need certain chats enabled for it to show). Sit back and enjoy not having to cage 50 million pets to find a rare one!

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    that is really awesome, thank you for sharing.

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    I am having issues trying to get this to work. Not sure what I am doing wrong but it keeps saying it in say.

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    well i admit I don't really know much about macro's. I simply copied and pasted to make the macro then put it on one of my bars and key bound it and it worked. Maybe some one who knows a bit more about how these things work can help out a bit

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    You can put it it in the default chat window by changing SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME to DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME

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    Didn't want to give it out but here.

    Shows a glow over the pet, blue is rare. green uncommon, white is common, gray is, well, useless. Enjoy my brothers.

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