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Thread: First big $$

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    Well this is the first time I have looked back on this post since i orignally posted it... firstly I want to say that the pic that I link was in no way intended to be anything other than a thanks to Dugi for the help,

    secondly to maxdiamond, theres nothing wrong with asking for / getting help for anything, when u grow up you will hopefully realise this, otherwise you WILL fail in life, i always knew how to make gold in the game, just not masses. Also you should think a little before posting those kind of comments in a forum dedicated to very thing you disagree with

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    It's true you learn to farm gold when you are at higher lvl, doesn't really acquire a high iq, but its a huge difference between farming 200-400g pr hour and 1k-2k pr hour and so getting an gold guide for some ideas and maybe improving your current gold farming style is nothing wrong with.

    I can't say the guide gave me much but the suggestions on where to go farm for different professions is quite nice, sadly it does not suggest what to do with mats.

    Sure selling a stack of saronite bar for 30g seems ok, but when u can vendor it for 20g a stack and u pay like 15g for 48hours on ah u start realizing the profit arent that high, and what a friend can make u with bs or u can craft yourself is highly more profittable, farmed 30min last night before bed, made bars and created items morning after, 1k gold.

    Dont do mistakes of selling mats, rarely is more proffitable then using a crafting profession further on with the mats.

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    Grats op! it sure is nice to know that you can always gather gold without having to do the grind ^.^. and to the troll don't listen to him, "you need a easier game because you need a guide" DENIAL!!!! Don't you have a leveling guide???

    here is a little snippet from one of my bank alts

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    286 g pr day and u think something is wrong with my guide? only prob with me is im not farming often and spend a lot

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    congrats! i got the guide to and it rocks! i but i always forget to scan lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxxdiamond View Post
    If you need a gold guide to help you get gold you might want to play something a little easier. It's the same thing as buying gold and it's lame. Thats funny that you are proud of yourself. If you actually play the game without someone holding your hand you can learn all of these things without wasting money on them. If you just take the money that you wasted buying a gold guide and spent it to buy gold you would end up with more than enough gold, not to mention you would have saved yourself hours of gameplay. lol funny ****.
    You full of it you bought the guides from Ultimate guides who are your to make fun of some one else your no better than the rest of us so take a good look at your self. I would like to say more but I would probly get kicked out of the forums.

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    well done on the sales mate looks like you have a gd turnover lol yeah dugis gold guide is the bees knees hehe i cnt use the auctioneer to get gd sales tho atm i think the AH market is in chaos looking at the prices and im still making a mess of using auctioneer even after watching the videos for dummies when will i learn

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    i liked the gold guide, or better the explaination of the settings of the addons in the vid.
    i made before i purched the guide some gold via AH manuel.. took long and not best profuits... now i only login with my AH char few minutes in the evening and make arround 500G every day... with few minutes work, its tbh not rlly hard when you know the market, but the addons make live easier and spare some manual calcs and alot of time

    edit: ok, its not much but its gold for doing nothing, and for that 500G are k

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    I think that if this maxxdiamond KID doesnt agree with the gold guide then he should not even click on the forums. Its that simple.

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    I am new to the game about 4 months now. I made a level 80 w/o the guide but i was still a noobtesticle at 80 so i bought the complete ultimate wow guide membership since i have a real job, real life and can afford it. I've learned sooo much more with it. My fighting style is different, my spec is redone, my farming tactics are great now, and as i said before in a previous reply i love the AH addon. Thanks dugi.

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