Build 5.6380 - Aug 17th 2012
Dugi Guides Addon

  • Fixed Auto Tooltip bug when turning addon on/off
  • Quest that is too high level will now be automatically skipped and steps will reverse back to it after you reached the required level.
  • Fixed travel steps not auto ticking if you are already in the correct location.
  • Map Preview will no longer appear when the Merchant, Quest or Gossip panel is open.
  • Automatic Quest Watch will now watch quest during travel steps instead of clearing the quest tracker.

Leveling Guides

  • All green ! flight paths steps will now auto tick if the character already met the level requirement.
  • A 25_27_Arathi_Highlands (71)
  • A 61_64_Zangarmarsh (54)
  • A 74_77_ZulDrak (53)
  • H 35_40_Dustwallow_Marsh (30)
  • H 61_64_Zangarmarsh (14)
  • H 74_77_ZulDrak (41)