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Thread: Mac Mountain Lion | DugiGuides_1.0.7 Damaged

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    Default Mac Mountain Lion | DugiGuides_1.0.7 Damaged


    I am trying to download the application to my mac, I have recently installed Mountain Lion and when trying to launch the application I get the following message:
    "DugiGuides_1.0.7" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash

    This has cost me a considerable sum and I would appreciate your support. I have already sent an urgent email request but I assume it was not read yet.

    I kindly request your support.

    Thank you!

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    Hello Sarkha,

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but our guide installer is currently incompatible with Mountain Lion. We are currently working on a resolution and it may take some time.

    Alternately, you can install the guides manually by following the steps set out by one of our members football, and his post can be found here.

    Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through our support page, or here.



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    I discovered an issue where Mountain Lion might uninstall Java completely so you might need to reinstall it, see this article

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    I had to reinstall java, but after that the installer is working OK.

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    The main issue I had turned out to be Mountain Lion's GateKeeper, which defaults to only allowing signed apps to run. The installer app's not signed, and Mountain Lion incorrectly throws up an 'application is damaged' warning and refuses to run it.

    To get around this, open System Preferences, select 'Security and Privacy', then on the General Tab, change 'Allow applications downloaded from' to "Anywhere". You should now be able to launch the Dugi installer app. Once you've launched the app, you can change the security setting back to "Mac App Store and identified developers" (the default) or "Mac App Store", whichever you prefer. The Dugi installer app will now be "grandfathered" in and will continue to run, even with the stricter security setting in place.

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