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Thread: Dalaran Fishing / Cooking bug

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    Talking Dalaran Fishing / Cooking bug

    just noticed recently that all of the dailies ive been doing in Dalaran will send me to the argent tournament as part of the required route to complete these quests ...both fishing and cooking dailies did this.

    that is all ..Great guides love em

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    Yeah, I can confirm this.

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    Was doing cooking dailies last week in Dalaran and can confirm that way-points for cooking dailies are way off.
    For each daily I got in Dalaran and that should be done/solved inside Dalaran I had to fly to the southern part of Dragonblight.

    It only happened once that I actually went to Dragonblight but it's the main advantage of the Guide that it will send you to the right location right away, that function is not working here.
    I guess new, corrected, coordinates would solve this problem.

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    Can confirm that Dalaran coordinates are okay now.

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