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Thread: Leveling with FULL BOA set?

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    Exclamation Leveling with FULL BOA set?

    I am leveling a character is full BOA set (+35% EXP), and I keep outleveling the guide. I find myself skipping through quest chains. Is there a setting I can use to prevent this? It feels like a waste of time to keep up with the guide.

    Thank you.

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    Did you change it to hard? Don't remember what it is, but the default is Normal.

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    Hard is helpful, but with a full set of BoAs, you will outpace the guide regardless. If you want to finish an area, don't do any dungeons and you may finish while the quests are still green, although some of the quest mobs may be gray...

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    Hard setting is the best that you're going to get with any questing, because it is not possible for you accept higher level quests any earlier.

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