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Thread: At First I felt cheated, but now...

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    I have thought about writing a testimonial for so long now that I thought that I'd already done it. I searched to find that I haven't written anything yet, so here it is:

    I bought Dugi's original guide way back in April of 2008, and at first I thought that I'd gotten something that just wasn't worth it. But the thing with Dugi is that he NEVER stops trying to improve his guides. Within a few months he'd implemented so much in his guide that it became indispensable to me. The guide is great. It doesn't take up very much screen space and it keeps me from wandering around all distracted and getting nothing done. Without the guide it took me over a year and a half to get just one of my alts (my main) to level 60. With the guide I've been able to get another alt up to level 70 within a month or two (all this real time, not game time). So I've decided that Dugi has the best guides out there because he keeps them up to date. I love the updater too. It makes it so easy to update the addons that are part of the guides.

    If you are considering buying the guides, I will offer my opinion to you. Dugi's guides are worth more than he charges for them. Especially when he puts them on sale prior to a new expansion or a major update to the game. I've never seen a guide that is equal to what Dugi has done. In fact his guides are so good that he got the unwanted attention of the Zygor guides guy who tried everything he could to stomp Dugi's guides out of existence so he wouldn't have any real competition. Now (so far) Dugi has a special sale on the anniversary of "when Zygor came to town" every year. Rather than fight it out in court, Dugi one upped Mr Zygor by dropping the use of the old "Tourguide" addon and by having his team create his own addon to do what tourguide did -- just far better than Tourguide IMHO. When that happened (really probably some time before) I was convinced that Dugi's guides are superior to any of the other guides out there.

    I am a very happy customer and I can't recommend the guides enough. They are the best there is. If you want to level quickly and have fun doing it, get the guides. Otherwise you can muddle through and struggle with things and not have as much fun as you can with the guide. You never have to run around trying to figure out where to go and what to do next, like you do without the guide. It's that simple. Thanks Dugi, for making, maintaining, and improving the guide constantly. The last update related to the new taxi system is just phenomenally great. I couldn't ask for more. Get the guides -- they're very much worth it.
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    I really appreciate your post, glad you love the taxi system, thank you for your support.

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