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Thread: Ebon Watch quests(Stefan Vadu)

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    Default Ebon Watch quests(Stefan Vadu)

    I just started doing the quest for Stefan Vadu on my horde hunter and the quest isn't noticed by the guide because the quest that is being tracked is the version you get if you're an alliance character like "You Can Run, But You Can't Hide"(alliance version) and "Silver Lining"(horde version). It happened for the first 4 quests of the quest you start when you use the Unliving Choker.

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    sorry I missed this, it is available on both side but it depends which Choker you get which made it tricky for us to write the guide as we needed extra detection function for the addon itself, but we can fix that now, thanks for reporting.

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    I was just coming to report this also! Guess my work here is done

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