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Thread: Astral Recall - Taxi system bug

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    Default Astral Recall - Taxi system bug

    Ever since training Astral Recall on my Shaman I get the following error when the taxi system tries to optimise a path that would benefit from using it, even if hearthstone is off cooldown.

    EDIT: I don't appear to get the error message when Astral Recall is on cooldown.

    Message: Interface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\Taxi.lua:1242: GetSpellLink(): Invalid spell slot
    Time: 07/05/12 16:27:53
    Count: 1
    Stack: [C]: ?
    [C]: in function `GetSpellLink'
    Interface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\Taxi.lua:1242: in function `AddWaypoint'
    Interface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\Taxi.lua:1774: in function `SetSmartWaypoint'
    Interface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\arrow.lua:1121: in function `AddWaypoint'
    Interface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\Guides.lua:646: in function `MapCurrentObjective'
    Interface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\Guides.lua:1000 : in function `MoveToNextQuest'
    Interface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\Guides.lua:2812 : in function `?'
    ...erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewe r.lua:62: in function <...erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideView er.lua:56>

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    OK, fixed - line 1242 of Taxi.lua should say GetSpellLink(route.spell) rather than GetSpellLink(spell).

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    thanks for that, I will make that change with the latest build.

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