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Thread: Dungeon Guide or Reg Leveling Guide?

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    Default Dungeon Guide or Reg Leveling Guide?

    Dungeon Guide or Reg Leveling Guide?

    I just came back to WoW to play with friends.
    I'm wondering which guide is faster to lvl with from lvl 15-85. Dungeon Guide or Reg Leveling Guide?
    Which one is faster to lvl with from 80-85?

    I'm asking these questions because I have been out of the WoW loop and dugi's guide loop for some time now.

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    For me personally I think the lvling guide. There is no waiting for que to get them done. I do not think it is a bad thing to que while questing (unless you are a tank or heals because you will not get much questing just to get a break from questing if you feel the need.

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    I would que for the pvp BG's, and quest while waiting, good xp from the bg's once you get in them.

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    If you have to choose then I'd go for the leveling guide because you get a lot more out of them for the leveling process. The dungeons guides are useful indeed, but if you play with friends then you can do dungeons together and you can just join without knowing what to do .

    I'd go for both, perfect combo :P.

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    A nice bonus from combining the Leveling and Dungeon guides, is the added content from the Loremaster guide that comes with the Dungeon guide. Gives you the freedom of choosing an alternative Leveling path and get the Loremaster achievement

    I would definitely start with the Leveling guide, unless you're absolutely sure that you'd be leveling only by doing Dungeons. Or like wulfgardr suggested, get both
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