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    How about you getting into the custom UI business? I have alot of ideas I would share not sure if they can be done but you never know, if anyone could make them all work its gotta be you.

    Also I still have not given up on the idea of a ultimate guide that combines things like leveling guide and achievement guide steps into one module. Here is why, I am doing loremaster so i am everywhere and I also want all the critter achievments, the books achieve (w/e its called) so I end either tyring to jump between the guides which never seems to work or I have to cover ground 3 times. Of course we would have to own each guide before we could combine them.

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    Hmm I know what you mean, and I think we can come up with something...

    One idea on top of my head is perhaps if we build the achievement guide in a database format and place little dots (with tooltip info) in the world map like some sort of side quest. If you complete the achievement the dot would dissappear.

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    That would be so awesome

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    Nice, I would like to address what I mean by the UI development a bit. I use LUI usually but I dont like that it makes the game feel like a different game more like that SWTOR than WOW. I would like to see someone with the skill of Dugi's group apply their skill to a UI. Some of the features that would be cool would be incorparate all the dugi guides and features into the UI when leveling with a frame for the leveling data perhaps a frame that shows other things to do in this realm such as books to read, fish to catch, critters to love/slay, rares to watch out for, vendors, chests, etc.

    What would be very cool is a UI that morphs to a user setup look and features based on what you are doing, PVP would apply to PVP focused features, raids giving more data on buffs debuffs, raid frames, etc. while leveling the UI would show features applicable to leveling.

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