I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS WAS POSTED BEFORE, but I thought I post about it, just in case..

I have purchased ALL the Alliance guides, and have been leveling, getting achievements, making gold, etc., with Dugi's guides for a few years now. I have now purchased the Horde side.

For some reason, the leveling guides were there, but I couldn't see the Achievement or Professions guides from the Horde side.

In my case, I "deleted" the Dugi folder, and went ahead and reinstalled the guide right from the viewer, as if I were "updating" to a new version, but hit "reinstall" instead.

Now I see all the guides from all sides.

I know, as I said, it might have been posted before, but I didn't find it, so I thought it would be helpful to others, if I posted about it right on the title.

By the way, thank you Dugi by enhancing my play time with your guides.