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    Earlier this year I began playing WoW and had a pretty good time with it - I even made it to level 50+ which I think was quite an achievement for a consummate low aptitude gamer. However, around that level it became clear I had skipped too many steps and suspected I missed out on many adventures. Needless to say, I gave up on it.

    Recently, I came across a youtube video discussing WoW guides and I even downloaded a free trial from one of your competitors Zy--- Guides. After an hour or so with that guide, I decided to purchase more look at youtube and I found a Zy--- vs. Dugi video. I am so happy I found that video...your guide is much more user friendly and much more pleasing to the eye, a lot due to it's smaller footprint and the suggest mode.

    I really don't care about leveling at the speed of light, however, after a few hours spent for the last two nights, I've made it to level 26!

    I'm loving WoW again - all due to Dugi Guides!

    Thank you!

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    Smile Agreed!

    Dugi has managed to achieve a consistent user experience. This is essentially my story as well and I cannot agree more about the Dugi Guides interface.

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