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    I've been getting disconnected from the WoW server recently. I'll be playing just fine, then without warning and for no particular reason, everything shuts down. I can't loot. I can't cast. I can't mount (though on at least one occasion I was able to fly without a mount!). Then, once I am disconnected, I can sign right back in without a problem.

    This has been happening a dozen or more times each day for the past several days. For a while Blizz had an announcement up about trouble logging in, so I that perhaps this was related. I've had a ticket in but no answer yet.

    I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing such difficulties.


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    It was due to the release of Diablo 3 and the mass of people trying to log in at the same time.
    All should be well now, we hope

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    I was disconnected yesterday & today I lost sound but music started playing & I was able to carry on (not needing the game sound).

    I have just arrived here in order to see if anyone might be able to explain my latest problem...
    My game kicked me out once today & when I logged out & back in all worked fine. BUT a little later I lost Dugis guide in game.
    I tried the going out & signing back in and my Dugi Guide was off. An error box appeared stating the following:
    QUOTE: "Re-enabling these Dugis Guide features will require the UI to reload. Do this now?" "Yes" or "Enable Essentials"

    Has this happened to others? Is thus a legitimate notice from Dugis Guide?

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    Somehow your saved variables for our guide got corrupted.
    Click yes, for re-enabling your dugi guide features.
    It is a legitimate notice.

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