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Thread: Mulgore 'Hard Mode'

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    Default Mulgore 'Hard Mode'

    There is a bug in this guide. The guide moves you on at level 9 to Northern Barens 9 - 20, however the second quest it wants you to accept is conscript of the horde. This quest can't be accepted at level 9.


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    It actually can be accepted, I tested it multiple times. I'll have to check it again though.

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    Weird, i will have to level another tauren. When I got there with my priest I could not except the quest and the quest giver had a silver !, when I right clicked the NPC I did not get a quest to accept.

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    I have started a new toon to double check that I am not going mad. I have attached a screen shot which shows that I can't accept the quest because I am not at the required level, I was right clicking the quest giver when I took the screenshot. Level 9 is too soon to accept the quest, even confirmed with wow head wowhead.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I hope this is enough information for a bug report.

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    ok.. thank you for reporting it and double checking. We will make the changes for our next update.

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